GET TO KNOW: Mustard Made

What better time than International Women’s Day to speak with Becca, one half of Mustard, a female-owned brand centred around colourful lockers for the home. Something you didn’t know you needed, but now will. 


Mustard’s lockers brighten up any space, whilst staying versatile and chic and ‘The Twinny’ below is the latest addition to their creative collection.

The Twinny

Becca, so lovely to catch up with you today. How are you, and where are you in the world?

I’m in sunny Newcastle on the east coast of Australia. Today I’m hanging with my newborn Otis, listening to podcasts and tackling the laundry pile between emails and editing photos!

That’s multitasking at its best! Tell us about the inspiration for ‘The Twinny’?

The Twinny is my dream locker for our kids’ rooms. I have three boys and my two youngest share, which means a lot of clothes and stuff packed into a small space. I wanted a wardrobe that could not only withstand the masses but grow with them. It’s got that retro feel on the outside and all the storage on the inside. You can even choose your layout with the flexible shelving, and with two hanging rails, it’s super practical and spacious.

You’ve also added a collection of matching accessories, can you tell us a little more about these?

Yes, we added a range of matching hangers with our signature ‘wiggle’ (a play on their own Mustard logo) in both kids and adult sizes. What I love is that you can mix and match them. In my home, I’ve gone for Sage and Ocean for my boys and Olive and Blush for me. Hangers should be as cool as the wardrobes they are in, the joy is in the detail.


For anyone wanting to join the Mustard family and buy a locker, what advice can you give them before purchasing?

The hardest part is picking a colour, so to help, we offer colour swatches so you can see the colour and finish for yourself in your own space. Lockers are so versatile and can work in any room but it’s a good idea to measure up first. Our website has all the product dimensions so you can find the perfect fit. On our ‘build it’ page you’ll find handy how-to videos to make the assembly easy peasy, watch the video and we promise there will be no flat pack related arguments!


We would love to hear more about the Mustard story and where the idea of lockers came from?

My sister Jess came over to Australia to meet my new son Ellis. We got talking about starting a business together, it was always part of our dream to work together. But we lived on opposite sides of the world so it seemed unlikely. I’ve always loved old metal furniture, there’s just something about the timeless cool factor, the nostalgia and how it grows old in style that I’m obsessed with. I suggested the idea of creating our own lockers, inspired by the retro and antique ones I had collected. Jess wasn’t convinced at first but I asked her to give me some time to research and pretty soon she fell in love with the concept too. We launched almost one year after the idea was first conceived and the rest has been the wildest, most challenging and most rewarding adventure!

The fact you both live in different countries must be quite challenging, can you tell me more about how this works? And any advice to anyone looking to join forces and start a business?

Working with my sister has been one of my greatest decisions and joys in life and business. I think a business partnership should be taken as seriously as a marriage, you become so deeply entwined and spend huge amounts of time together so trust, respect and ‘getting’ each other are crucial.

Living in different time zones means we are both usually in our pyjamas when we talk. There’s a lot of late nights, early starts and kids interrupting calls! Being a small team that operates in two large markets has meant we face some real challenges businesses would normally be exposed to later on. Things like taxes in different countries, communication in different time zones or freight and shipping across the globe. Our mantra is ‘would this work x 10”? If we scale a process up would it still work, if not we need to rethink and streamline it. Things like trying to make sure absolutely everything can be accessed when the other person is asleep for example or using Trello for rolling to-do lists as a team so we can communicate in a collaborative way 24 hours a day.


You guys are so inspiring! Is there a story behind the name? 

We knew that colour was going to be the highlight of our brand and I’ve always liked words that have multiple meanings from my days studying conceptual art and titling work. Mustard ticked the boxes of expressing the importance of colour, being easy to pronounce and spell while having a sense of personality. Mustard as a condiment or as a colour is a bit like Marmite and the love it/hate it notion rang true with our products. Some people just don’t get it and that’s ok, those who love it, get it, they are our kind of people.

It would be so great to know where Mustard is heading, what’s in the pipeline? Anything you can tell us about future releases or ideas you have for expanding the company?

2020 was a year of cancelled flights and delayed plans so it feels refreshing to be able to drive things forward again this year. We just launched The Twinny along with four styles of clothes hangers. We also have our alphabet magnets as an exclusive collaboration with Wordbits. Next in the pipeline is a new colour to add to our palette, expansion into the USA and a new baby for Jess!

Congratulations Jess! We can’t wait for the colour reveal, how exciting. Thanks for chatting today and if anyone wants to join the Mustard journey, find these inventive, colourful lockers here

Feature by Charlotte Page