‘Mushroom brown’ hair is trending

When you think of gorgeous hair colours, appetising terms like ‘chocolate’, ‘honey’ and ‘cinnamon’ might come to mind. Mushrooms, not so much – but it turns out that our little fungal friends have provided the inspiration for a major new hair trend, which has gained huge traction on social media.

Mushroom brown hair is the new ‘it’ colour of TikTok, with a whopping 5.9million views for the hashtag #mushroombrownhair. It’s a taupe-like shade of brown, which leans more towards cool than warm in tones, and is particularly popular when paired with blonde highlights.

According to Schwarzkopf, mushroom brown ‘adds an icy infusion to darker base colours and provides a natural-looking colour for blondes and brunettes alike’ (although we’d argue if your hair is very dark this would be tricky to achieve without bleach being involved).

It’s certainly a tone that allows for plenty of customisation, with balayage being the obvious choice. Incorporating mushroom brown into an ombre effect on the hair has also been popular.

Turning grey? Mushroom brown could be a stepping stone towards embracing your natural colour, offering as it does a balancing point between brunette/blonde and ashier tones. Just make sure you go to a good colourist if you’re considering a major colour transformation like this one!

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