M&S just launched Percy Pig ice cream and it looks delicious

If there was ever a time to indulge in life’s little pleasures, it’s now – and M&S has just unveiled a new one, in the form of Percy Pig ice cream.

Yes, just in time for the sunny spell, we’ve been blessed with the seasonal treat of dreams – a creamy, fruity Percy-flavoured ice cream swirled with raspberry sauce and strawberry-flavoured marshmallows, perfect for scooping neatly to sit atop a cone, or let’s be honest, eating directly from the tub until you hit the bottom.

Just like the Percy Pig sweets themselves, the ice cream is suitable for vegetarians (yep, even those marshmallows), and packed with all of the taste you know and love from the candy equivalent. From today, you can get your hands on a container for just £3 – a very worthy investment for any household of Percy fans.

After revealing the Percy Pig ice cream on its Instagram account, M&S has been inundated with applause from customers, with thousands tagging friends and leaving comments to share their excitement.

‘Oh my goodness! This is essential shopping!’ exclaimed one, while another wrote: ‘back to M&S for my shopping this week’.

‘Suitable for vegetarians!!! ?? Can’t wait to try ❤️❤️’ posted a third.

When it comes to topping your Percy Pig ice cream, more is definitely more – not only can you use the sweets and any sprinkles you might have stashed in the cupboard, you can also drizzle on extra Percy Pig sauce, a product that’s been on the shelves for a while and captures even more of that signature raspberry and grape flavour.

If Marks & Spencer is your store of choice for picking up your essentials, keep your eyes peeled for its other exciting recent food releases, including Marmite butter and cream cheese to spread on your breakfast bagel, and the now iconic ‘yumnut‘, a hybrid of a donut and a yum yum with a choice of six different toppings.