M&S has launched a Percy Pig cake in a jar due to popular demand

Cast your mind back to April – the weather was starting to look up and we were allowed to socialise outdoors again. People flocked to parks, beaches and just about anywhere they could to have a picnic with their loved ones. Marks and Spencer had us covered with picnic essentials and platters to save us the faff of sorting out food. But, it was the picnic-friendly cakes in a jar that really got us excited.

The M&S cake jars came in a much-loved Colin the Caterpillar flavour, Raspberry Ripple flavour and Trillionaire’s cake flavour. Now, just in time for the next heatwave, M&S has launched a brand new Percy Pig cake jar.

Percy Pig cake jar

Let’s be honest, it was only a matter of time before M&S added the easy-to-eat cake in a jar to its extensive list of Percy Pig products already available. Customers asked for a Percy Pig version of the compact cake and M&S has delivered.

The jar cakes are composed of Madeira sponge layered with raspberry jam, raspberry jelly pieces and fruity buttercream. They’re finished with freeze-dried raspberries and a Percy Pig sweet on top.

Instagram food reviewer Kevs Snacks shared their thoughts on the Percy Pig cake jar, writing ‘this is of course, tasty and very sweet.’

‘The jelly pieces are interesting, giving a chewy texture, the other elements like the jam and buttercream are lovely although very sweet,’ they continued. ‘The freeze dried raspberries bring a little zing. The Percy sweet maybe doesn’t go with the cake but it’s a fun touch.’

As tempting as it sounds, Kevs Snacks warned the cake is ‘certainly on the sweet side’. They gave it a solid 8 out of 10 score overall.

However, fellow Instagram food review account New Foods UK described the Percy Pig cake jar as ‘insane’. They also added the flavours were ‘spot on’.

Percy fans were super-excited to try out the new treat. ‘Omg, that looks Percy-licious,’ one wrote.

‘I legit have to get one of theeeese!!!’ someone else commented.

The new cake in a jar flavour will be available to buy in stores for £4 from today (13 July). Meanwhile, you can shop the other flavours online at Ocado.