M&S has launched an Omballs Yumnut and it looks delicious

Any time you fancy a treat, you can well and truly count on Marks & Spencer’s food hall to bring the goods. Whether it’s a meal for dinner or simply a sweet treat, good old M&S never disappoints. And some of our all-time favourite sweet treats come from the Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar franchises; what can we say, we’re a sucker for a cute character! If you’re also a fan, you may be interested to know that M&S have just launched a brand new friend: the Omballs. 

Put simply, Omballs are the new charming characters on the scene at M&S, which are described as ‘cheeky, cute and charmingly odd creatures,’ by the retailer. ‘Omballs are full of character, super energetic and LOVE to accessorise with quirky sunglasses and hats,’ they explain. 


Omballs Yumnuts, £1.50 each, M&S

And to welcome the new fellas into stores with open arms, Marks & Spencer have launched the Omballs Yumnut to celebrate. The Yumnut (a yum-yum and doughnut fusion) is topped with a rich Belgian chocolate fondant, dark chocolate shavings and white chocolate eyes (which FYI, are never the same, giving each a unique personality). 

These join the five already hugely popular Yumnut flavours: Raspberry Royale, Billionaires, Milk & Cookies, Plain Jane, and Double Chocolate. We predict big things for the new flavour, in part due to the fact that the existing ones are all still in M&S’ top ten bestselling doughnut treats — despite launching over a year ago. Clearly, the people are big fans of this fluffy, delicious creation. 

But if you want to go even wilder for the Omballs launch, you can also grab some Omballs Belgian chocolate balls, which go perfectly with a nice cup of tea. M&S even recommends making your very own Omballs celebration cake using these chocolates as decorative details. 

While this idea sounds great, we have to admit we can’t stop thinking about the Omballs Yumnut. You can pick them up in stores for £1.50 each, or £4 for a pack of three. See you there.