M&S’s Marmite cheese hot cross buns are now available all year round

If you’re the sort of person who would happily munch on hot cross buns all year round, regardless of how far away Easter is, we have some rather good news for you. M&S’s bestselling cheesy Marmite hot cross buns are now going to be stocked on shelves all year round – we know, we can’t contain our excitement either!

Marks & Spencer took to Instagram to share the news, writing: ‘BACK FOR GOOD! That’s right our Marmite™️ Cheese Hot Cross Buns are now available in stores all year round, so you can get your fix whenever you like ? Flavoured with Marmite™️, Cheddar and Red Leicester they’re OUTRAGEOUSLY cheesy ? Try toasting and spreading with homemade Marmite™️ butter – whip 2 tbsp Marmite™️ through 125g of soft butter for the ultimate savoury spread!’

M&S marmite cheese hot cross buns

M&S Marmite Cheese Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Fans were, naturally, delighted with the M&S Marmite cheese hot cross buns news: ‘Brill!! I have been hanging on to my last packet I’ve had in the freezer since March,’ admitted one hot cross bun fan. ‘YES!!! These are Devine,’ and ‘THE BEST NEWS,’ wrote other keen Marmite lovers.

Whether you’re a Marmite stan, a cheese lover or a fan of all things hot cross buns, you’ll love the M&S Marmite cheese hot cross buns. As many other shoppers commented on Instagram, here’s hoping they decide to make even more of their delectable hot cross bun flavours available throughout the year, such as the utterly delicious Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns.

This news comes after M&S released a slew of Marmite-infused products last year, including Marmite cheese slices, Marmite houmousMarmite butter, Marmite cream cheese and Marmite cheese twists. Phew!

With Halloween coming up, M&S has been rolling out plenty of spooky foodie releases lately – we love the Day of the Dead-inspired Spooky Festival Colin the Caterpillar and Percy Pig has undergone a spook-tacular makeover to become Zombie Percy, complete with haunting green eyes.