M&S just launched a brand new Yumnut for Easter and it looks delicious

M&S are masters at smashing two foods together and making it really work. Just last year, they launched the Yumnut, a yum yum and doughnut hybrid, to great success. An instant bestseller, they’ve sold over 7 million to date (that’s 300 miles worth of Yumnuts end-to-end a year).

M&S yumnuts

And now, especially for Easter, they’ve created a brand new Yumnut that’s topped with a chocolate fondant nest and chocolate speckled eggs. Yum, indeed!

Fans of the sweet treat were excited to see the new addition, which is available in stores from 31 March. Many customers tagged other people in the comments, writing things like ‘you can go get me these asap thanks’ and ‘oh we need these’.

This chocolatey Easter Yumnut joins the Hot Cross Yumnut – all the deliciousness of a Yumnut combined with the flavours of a hot cross bun. Is that a hybrid within a hybrid? Or a tri-brid? Before we confuse ourselves too much, let’s take a closer look at why this should be the next snack that passes your lips.

hot cross yumnut

Hot Cross Yumnut, £1.50 or £4 for a pack of 3, M&S (in-store only)

The Yumnut is created using M&S’s unique butter-enriched yum yum recipe – which includes a minimum 18-hour dough resting time coupled with 48 laminations to give it a light texture – before being deep fried and covered in a sweet sugar glaze. To turn it into the special Easter-themed version of the pastry, it’s topped with a mixed spice fondant, which combines the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, and then decorated with a white fondant icing cross and milk chocolate chips.

Not the first themed Yumnut, just last Christmas we were treated to festive Santa-themed versions of the hybrid pastry and for Valentine’s Day, the heart-shaped Lovenut.

Kirsty Rowley, Product Developer for Yumnuts, said: ‘We have had some great fun over the past year expanding our exclusive Yumnut range, launching not only delicious bakes, but beautifully decorated, and in some cases, tongue-in-cheek additions. The Lovenut and Santa’s Yumnut became media sensations with the latter even making it on to US talk show, Ellen! I am sure our Hot Cross Yumnut is going to be just as popular – warming spiced fondant icing and chocolate. What is not to love! Hoppy Easter!’

Find the Hot Cross Yumnut and chocolate nest version for £1.50 each or £4 for a pack of 3 in M&S stores now.