These are all of the M&S hot cross buns on sale for Easter 2022

If Easter equals hot cross buns to you, you’re not alone. Last year M&S reported that hot cross bun sales were up 34 per cent, to the point that they moved hot cross buns into round the clock production to meet the demand. That’s a lot of hot cross goodness…

To satiate our collective desire for hot cross buns, M&S has developed a range of flavours, so whatever your tastes, there will be something for you.

M&S hot cross bun flavours

Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Bun

First up is the Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Bun: a rich, dark chocolatey bun studded with white and milk chocolate chunks, perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of the traditional fruity version.

Extremely Chocolatey hot cross buns

Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Cheese and Marmite Hot Cross Buns

For those partial to a savoury treat, M&S’s Cheese & Marmite Hot Cross Buns will be right up your street. Made with mature Cheddar, Red Leicester and Marmite and a dough enriched with butter and free-range eggs to make it extra soft and fluffy, true Marmite fans will want to slather it in M&S’s Creamy Marmite Butter.

Cheese Marmite hot cross buns

4 Cheese Hot Cross Buns & Marmite, £1.65, Ocado

Plant Kitchen Vegan Hot Cross Buns

Make way for M&S’s first-ever vegan hot cross bun, the Plant Kitchen Luxury Hot Cross Bun, made with rich coconut oil blended with avocados, packed full of juicy raisins and currants and flavoured with lemon zest.

vegan hot cross buns

4 Plant Kitchen Luxury Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

In more sweet varieties of the Easter bun, M&S also has salted caramel and chocolate hot cross buns, which consist of the traditional spiced bun recipe spiked with dark Belgian chocolate chips, salted caramel fudge and toffee pieces and spices.

M&S salted caramel hot cross buns

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Blueberry Hot Cross Buns

Or, if you love a blueberry muffin, the blueberry hot cross bun is packed with juicy Vostizza currants and sweetened dried blueberries.

M&S blueberry hot cross buns

Blueberry Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns

Looking for more fruity takes? These Kentish Bramley apple buns contain apple pieces, juicy sultanas and a hint of warming cinnamon for an apple pie-inspired version.

M&S apple hot cross buns

Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Luxury Hot Cross Buns

For the traditionalists though, you can’t beat a classic: a Luxury bun packed full of juicy fruit, mixed peel and a unique spice blend.

M&S luxury hot cross buns

4 Luxury Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Mini Hot Cross Buns

Or why not pick up the pack of nine mini luxury hot cross buns for when you’re craving a little bite?

M&S mini luxury hot cross buns

9 Luxury Mini Hot Cross Buns, £1.65, Ocado

Gluten-free Hot Cross Buns

Lastly, those going wheat-free needn’t miss out on the classic Easter food…

M&S made without wheat hot cross buns

Made Without Hot Cross Buns, £2, Ocado

Not enough hot cross bun fun for you? Then feast your eyes on this Hot Cross Bun flavour cream liqueur that M&S has launched – made with fresh cream from the Ballyrashane Creamery blended with alcohol and flavourings to mimic the taste of Easter.

M&S Hot cross bun cream liqueur, £5.50, Ocado

All of the above are available in M&S stores and online at