M&S just unveiled cretzels, a delicious pretzel-croissant hybrid

Just when you thought the M&S Food Halls couldn’t get any better, they go and launch cretzels: a new baked good we’ll be making a beeline for on our next essential food shop in store.

But just what is a creztel, we hear you ask? Just like the cronut, duffin and yumnut before it, cretzels combine the best of both worlds from two of our favourite bread and pastry based treats, a pretzel and a croissant.

M&S cretzel
Marks & Spencer

Cretzels, £1, Marks & Spencer (in stores now)

‘We are continually challenging ourselves to invent the next big thing in bakery,’ says M&S Bakery Product Developer Kirsty Rowley. ‘Inspired by our customers love of the sweet and salty flavour combination (we see in the popularity of our sweet and salty popcorn) we bring them the Cretzel!

‘The Cretzel combines those contrasting flavours and is really versatile, great on its own, with a coffee at breakfast or delicious with a filling for lunch.’

‘We know our customers love a hybrid, we have had everything from a Chouxnut to a Cruffin and most recently the Yumnut.  We think the Creztel big hit with our customers.’

M&S cretzel
Marks & Spencer

The flavour of the new cretzels is described as ‘the perfect chewy bite of a pretzel with the luxurious flaky pastry of a croissant’. They have the traditional lye coating and finishing of pretzel, right down to the chunky sprinkling of sea salt, but the inside is softer and more buttery.

The novel invention works really well with both sweet or savoury fillings. Try it with cheese or ham or generous spread of jam or chocolate spread for a sugary indulgence – essentially, with a base this good, you really can’t go wrong.

The new M&S cretzels are available from bakery counters now, and cost £1 each. We know what we’re having for lunch for the foreseeable…