M&S has launched a new crunchy Caramilk-inspired golden chocolate spread

As much as we love food announcements, we sometimes can’t help but think, ‘Another one?!’ as a new product appears on supermarket shelves. Take chocolate spreads, for example. The market is already full of white, milk and dark chocolate varieties, with the addition of nuts, caramel, marshmallow and more.

So when we heard M&S had released a brand new golden chocolate spread, we were intrigued to see what made it stand out from the crowd. The golden chocolate spread has been inspired by Cadbury’s Caramilk – a golden white chocolate bar with a caramel taste.

Cadbury's caramilk

Okay, we’re listening… The M&S Crunchy Golden Blond Chocolate Spread has been spotted on shelves by foodie Instagrammers Kevs Snack Reviews and Newfoodsuk.

Priced at £3 for a 400g jar of chocolately goodness, the spread is described as a ‘white chocolate & caramel spread with wafer pieces. No palm oil.’

People were quick to comment on the new release. One of Kevs Snack Reviews’ followers wrote: ‘Ooff this looks dangerous’.

Another said: ‘That’s illegal… illegally good.’

New Foods UK shared their thoughts on the item, describing it as ‘one of the best spreads we’ve ever tasted’.

‘Oh my, we could eat the whole jar in one sitting!,’ they wrote. ‘This is Caramilk in a jar! No wait, this is better than Caramilk, this just melts in your mouth & the flavour, wow! The little crunchy bits and wafer pieces are a perfect combination! This is one of the best spreads we’ve ever tasted!’

They even shared a snap of a spoonful of the tempting spread, but foodie fans weren’t put off by its peanut butter texture. The post gained over 7,400 likes in just one day, so clearly people were as equally intrigued and excited.

‘This looks unreal!’ one follower commented, while loads more wrote how they were desperate to try the golden chocolate spread from M&S.

Convinced? We might just have to add this to our baskets the next time we’re in Marks and Spencer…

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