M&S has a new Birkenstock dupe and they’re almost half the price

Once deemed a specialist fitness sandal, Birkenstocks made their way from podiatrist shoe to must-have sandal seemingly overnight, and are still just as popular in 2022.

Often seen as the marmite of shoes, they have long split lovers and haters of the cork-soled sandals. But, just as the two-strap Arizona and one strap Madrid sandals ruled the ugly shoe trend over the past couple of years, it looks like the Boston clog will be the shoe of 2022, with influencers, fashion editors and footwear fiends all already sporting the grandad-style slip-on.

Stepping away from a sandal and more into mule or clog territory, the Birkenstock Boston retails anywhere between £75 and £170 depending on the material you opt for, with the wool felt styles coming in at the lower end and the ultra-sturdy embossed natural leather coming in at the highest.

Waterproof rubber, vegan and shearling-lined options (both outside and inside) are all available too in a wide range of colours, so if you’ve been coveting the clogs, we’re sure you’ll find a pair to suit. But it seems like the new suede option is the most common go-to, with a tonal adjustable pin buckle finishing off the design (£120).

If the price is the only thing holding you back (and we don’t blame you) then we’ve found a great dupe from M&S to lessen the blow, retailing for just over half the price of the cheapest option from Birkenstock. Although, admittedly, you’ll only have a choice of two colours, tan or grey.

tan suede sandals

Suede buckle mule slippers, £35, Marks & Spencer

Designed with ​​Insolia Flex technology, which promises a more comfortable foot placement and natural movement, the slip-on sandals have been made with responsibly sourced leather. Antibacterial padding and water-repellent and stain-resistant finishings have also been added to keep the shoes looking their best for longer.

At under £40, M&S Birkenstock dupe seems like quite the steal. The silver buckle on the grey and gold buckle on the brown contrasts the shoe, unlike the Birkenstock suede option, but it is still pretty impressive for a high-street dupe.

grey suede sandals

Suede buckle mule slippers, £35, Marks & Spencer

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