3 alternative mouthwash hacks that will save you money

Don’t you just love a life hack? Whether it’s handy alternative uses for silica gel packets, food storage hacks that save money (and the planet) or a genius way to clean your old Pandora bracelets, we can’t get enough of these simple, easy-to-implement tricks that instantly make life easier…

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And now we’ve discovered three ingenious uses for mouthwash. Yes, it’s great at its intended purpose of freshening your breath and giving your whole mouth that super clean feeling, but we’ve discovered three mouthwash hacks that will transform the way you perform simple household chores – and save you money in the process.

Mouthwash hacks

Pour it down smelly sinks

sink drain
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We use mouthwash to get rid of any lasting bacteria in our mouth and leave us with minty fresh breath, so why wouldn’t it do the exact same for your sink, too? No one likes a foul-smelling sink, but purpose-made drain cleaning products can be pricy. However, mouthwash is just as effective at banishing bacteria and the nasty smells it produces when left to build up – and can be a much more cost-effective buy, especially as you’ve probably already got some in the bathroom cabinet.

Instagram ‘cleanfluencer’ @mrs.ds.cleaning.reviews says, ‘Concentrated Disinfectant will only mask the smell for a short while and won’t remove the nasty build up of gunk’ in your kitchen or bathroom sink. ‘If you suffer from a stinky bathroom drain then I highly recommend mouthwash,’ she says.

‘It’s something we all have in our bathroom cabinets and it’s a fantastic cheap way of keeping your bathroom drains not only smelly fresh but all so hygienically clean too.’

Add it to a vase of flowers

cut flowers in vase
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Everyone loves a fresh bunch of flowers in the home, but when they start to wilt and die after only a few days it can be disappointing. The main thing that kills cut flowers early is bacteria forming on the stems, and what do we know mouthwash does? Kills bacteria! Just make sure you opt for a mint-free mouthwash to avoid a minty smell overpowering the floral scent of your blooms, and go for a clear mouthwash to avoid tinting the water.

Splash it in the washing machine

washing machine
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Washing machines will harbour plenty of bacteria over time. Rather than using expensive washing machine cleaners, mouthwash is just as effective at cleaning and disinfecting the washing machine system – simply pour some in to the machine on an empty rinse cycle.