Motherland star gives us hope for series 4

Motherland is one of those comedies that we always put on when we need some wind-down, comfort TV – it’s hilarious, relatable and full of brilliant characters. No wonder the show has just won the award for Best Scripted Comedy at the 2022 Bafta TV Awards.

Now, we have more good news, because comments made by one of the show’s cast have given us hope for fourth series of Motherland.

Image: BBC

Tanya Moodie, who plays mum-of-five Meg in the show, told Digital Spy: ‘I know that all the goodwill in the world is there to make it come back, and then it’s about getting everyone’s ducks in a row.

‘You’ve got to be free and so we all have our fingers crossed, and we’re just really, really hoping.’

As for what she’d like to see covered in the storylines of a potential new series, Moodie said: ‘The menopause! I just think we can get some laughs out of that probably…Either that or Meg gets pregnant again. That would be really weird, pregnant at 50.’

Motherland was up against Alma’s Not Normal, Stath Lets Flats and We Are Lady Parts for the BAFTA Scripted Comedy prize.

Moodie’s co-star, Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Julia in Motherland, has previously spoken to You magazine about how she’s nothing like her chaotic on-screen character.

‘I’m absolutely not like Julia. She’s a horrible self-centred human being. I’m not’ she laughed. ‘And you know, my kids hate Julia. They absolutely hate Motherland. They won’t watch it. It’s not funny for them. They hate seeing me like that; seeing me that stressed.’

Quite funny for the rest of us though…