The 10 most walkable cities in the world

One of the best ways to get to know a foreign city is to explore it by foot. Grab a comfy pair of shoes, have your map at the ready (just in case) and give yourself the luxury to just get lost.

But of course, some places are better than others for this. So if you’re a keen walker and planning a city break, you’re in luck because travel website has complied a list of the 10 most walkable cities in the world, making it all the more easy to pick your choice of destination.

1. Munich

most walkable cities munich
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The German city of Munich is famous for its foot-friendly infrastructure. Not only does it have plenty of pedestrianised streets to make your way through but you’ll find Bavarian scenes at every turn. Not to mention visits to the picturesque English Garden which boasts everything from beautiful lakes and historical landmarks, to German beer gardens and a Japanese teahouse.

2. Kyoto

most walkable cities Kyoto
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Japanese city Kyoto has a grid-like system that makes it really easy for tourists to navigate their way around. And despite being surrounded by giant mountains, the city itself is quite flat making it very walkable. For a real sense of the local culture, have a wander through the Higashiyama district.

3. Helsinki

most walkable cities Helsinki
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The Finnish capital is so determined to make life easier for pedestrians or those  using public transport, that the city announced a goal to make car ownership ‘obselete’ by 2025. Helsinki also has plenty of interconnected neighbourhoods making it easy to walk around and explore the city’s many bars and restaurants.

4. Bordeaux

most walkable cities Bordeaux
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Renowned for his wine, Bordeaux is the place to be for excellent tipples – in which case leaving the car and walking is the best option when visiting the city. But aside from the must-try fine wine (not to mention the French food), Bordeaux boasts a number of impressive historic monuments and intricate architecture.

5. Florence

most walkable cities Florence
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Aside from oozing glamour, a great thing about Florence is that it is a small city – so much so that you can walk from one end of town to the other in just one hour (if you’re a fast walker). Most of the city’s central district is pedestrian-only so you’ll have plenty of walking space.

6. New York

most walkable cities new york
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If there’s ever a time to feel like a small, excited fish in a big pond, it’s while roaming around the streets of New York. With numbered streets and grid formation at every corner, there’s no way you’ll get lost – and if you do, your never far away from the next subway stop.

7. Perth

most walkable cities Perth
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Perth may be popular for its warm climate and breathtaking Aussie beaches, but the city itself is a cultural hub. Not only does it have endless bustling bars and restaurants but you’ll find lovely green parks to explore too.

8. Vancouver

most walkable cities Vancouver
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This Canadian city is a huge hit among travellers and for good reason. It has an ideal mix of the urban and natural meaning you can enjoy its busy cosmopolitan streets as well as the endless nature spots – from False Creek shoreline to Granville Island. And it’s all walkable.

9. San Francisco

most walkable cities San Francisco
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San Francisco is the ultimate place for a wander thanks to its mix of its lovely California sunshine and oceanfront breeze. Famous for its neighbourhoods and colourful buildings, you’re guaranteed both endless photo opportunities and home inspiration.

10. Montevideo

most walkable cities Montevideo
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As the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo is a pretty large city. But despite this, it is surprisingly easy to walk around. Enjoy the city’s laid back vibe by day or hit the Rambla at sunset for a romantic scroll for an unforgettable experience.