These are the foods that are most likely to get you in the mood for love

When you’re planning a Valentine’s Day feast, there are a few tried and tested recipes that almost always end up on the menu. Chocolate covered strawberries, softly stirred risottos, or chilled trays of oysters may spring to mind… but how about a hot and spicy curry?

New research from Hello Fresh has found that almost 20 per cent of people in the UK would choose just that for their romantic dinner on 14 February – significantly more than those who would select traditional Valentine’s Day ‘classics’ such as scallops, beef bourguignon or linguine.

Curry was only beaten to the top spot by two other dishes, with 35 per cent revealing that they thought the route to their other half’s heart (via their stomach) was a juicy steak, and 22 per cent favouring a roast for their beloved.

However, no matter what their favourite plate may be, seven in 10 of us would much rather have a home cooked meal on date night than head out to eat at a restaurant – because it’s cheaper, saves the hassle of booking a babysitter, and means you can avoid the PDAs of other overzealous couples.

Well, we can’t argue with that logic…


20 foods that get you in the mood for love

  1. A juicy steak (35 per cent)
  2. A roast (22 per cent)
  3. A spicy curry (17 per cent)
  4. Salmon (15 per cent)
  5. Profiteroles (14 per cent)
  6. Lasagne (13 per cent)
  7. Seabass (12 per cent)
  8. Scallops (11 per cent)
  9. Risotto (10 per cent)
  10. A cheese board (9 per cent)
  11. Beef bourguignon (9 per cent)
  12. Chilli con carne (9 per cent)
  13. Seafood linguine (9 per cent)
  14. Mussels (8 per cent)
  15. Paella (7 per cent)
  16. Buttered asparagus (7 per cent)
  17. Oysters (6 per cent)
  18. Chilli with guacamole and sour cream (5 per cent)
  19. Figs and goats cheese (5 per cent)
  20. Coq au vin (5 per cent)

As for the foods you should be avoiding? One quarter of those surveyed said no to burgers, 12 per cent voted to avoid spaghetti, and one in five declared they’d never serve spinach, for fear of it getting stuck in their teeth.