This is officially the most popular sofa colour – and it may surprise you

The style of sofa we have can change our lives; it’s the place many of us spend our evenings and it needs to be suitable for movie watching, nap taking, reading a good book and, these days, even working from, too. Comfort and size are essential of course, but how a sofa looks can also change an entire room; in short, you want to get one you love the look of, for obvious reasons.

woman on sofa
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So which colour of sofa is the most popular? Interestingly, it appears that neutrals still reign supreme, despite a rise in interest of bolder hues. According to grey is the number one colour for sofas. The platform undertook a study in which they assessed global Google search volumes from between January to August and found that the neutral tone won out over others.

grey sofa
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In fact, grey sofas had a total of 67,971 average monthly searches this year, which is no mean feat and proves just how popular a neutral piece can be.

Despite grey winning out overall though, pink closely followed at the number two spot with 37,000 searches. This may come as little surprise, as pink hues (particularly velvet styles) have been undoubtedly popular in recent years and are spotted all over Instagram.

pink sofa
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After pink came blue, with 31,586 searches, as well as white, with 30,400 searches. Then in fifth place as the most popular sofa colour was green; another trending hue that’s often spotted in the coolest living rooms, particularly in velvet, retro-style fabrics. Green saw 29,243 monthly searches.

Speaking of velvet style sofas, 2019 data showed that some styles such as the Swoon Editions Love Seats were up a staggering 4,500 per cent, according to The Mail Online. Their rose hue was the most in demand too, proving just how beloved pink seating has become in recent years.

‘We know that our customers’ homes come in all shapes and sizes and the love seat is that perfect “in between” fit, a stylish solution when you need to maximise your space,’ said Debbie Williamson, co-founder of Swoon.