These are the nation’s favourite pancake recipes

Shrove Tuesday is tomorrow, which means two things: lent is about to start (so you might want to think about giving something up for 40 days if you fancy the challenge), but more importantly, pancake day is upon us.

pancake feast
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We all say the same thing every year (‘we must make pancakes more often!’), but we don’t, meaning Shrove Tuesday is the day for going all out with pancake creations. While the classic toppings such as lemon and sugar, maple syrup or lashings of Nutella (there’s no other way to apply it) are classics for good reason, you might be wondering if there are more ways to jazz up your pancakes from the standard recipe and toppings. Or maybe you’re a novice in the kitchen and are wondering how on earth you actually make pancakes (no judgement here).

In that case, BBC Good Food’s just released list of their top 12 most popular pancake recipes is a brilliant starting point for inspiration. Pancake day is apparently one of the busiest days of the whole year for – in 2020, the website received 2.9 million users on pancake day, looking for a helping hand on how to make the ultimate pancake feast.

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So they’ve looked at data from the past five years to determine the nation’s favourite pancake recipes:

  1. Easy pancakes
  2. American pancakes
  3. American Blueberry pancakes
  4. Chocolate-stuffed pancakes with caramelised banana
  5. Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup
  6. Scotch pancakes
  7. Fluffy Japanese-style pancakes
  8. Banana pancakes
  9. Eggs Benedict pancakes
  10. Ham & cheese pancakes
  11. Crispy duck pancakes
  12. Potato pancakes

In the top spot is the classic French-style thin crêpe (and by a landslide margin, too). It shows that people still love the easy, foolproof formula of flour, eggs and milk to create a thin pancake that makes for the perfect base to apply toppings.

But interestingly, in at number two is the fluffy American-style pancake. Thicker but smaller, the trend for this style of pancake has been growing steadily over recent years thanks to being easily stackable and loaded with toppings – which is all great for the ‘gram.

American pancakes
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Also making it into the top 12 were recipes for fluffy Japanese-style pancakes (irresistibly light and fluffy with a delightful wobble), banana pancakes (a healthier alternative that requires no flour) and several savoury recipes, proving that pancakes aren’t just for dessert.

Here at YOU we’ve also made quite the collection of pancake recipes over the years. Why not try Isaac Carew’s buttermilk pancakes with blueberry and camomile compote, Rick Stein’s buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms and eggs or these salt beef and potato pancakes from the Brunch the Sunday Way cookbook?

However you enjoy yours, make sure you whip up a batch of pancake batter tomorrow – and obviously post a photo to Instagram before you devour them.