These are the most popular hairstyles since salons reopened

Since hair salons reopened on April 12, we’ve been flocking back to hair salons for some much needed TLC. Whether it’s colouring overgrown roots or snipping dead ends, we’ve never been more thankful for our hairdressers. But what has proven to be the most popular hairstyles since salons reopened? We spoke to the experts to hear what their clients have been requesting, and to explore the trends for 2021.


Looking for a way to shake things up, many of us have been asking for fringes to be cut back in, according to several salons.

‘Fringes have been popular requests to have a change and add some cool to a new or existing haircut,’ explains HARI‘s Creative Director, Craig Taylor. They’ve also been popular ‘to fix D.I.Y attempts,’ he adds.

‘I thought clients cutting their own bangs (mainly due to boredom) would totally turn them off, but instead, they’re asking for heavier curtain bangs, graduated down the sides shaping around their faces,’ adds Katie Hale, Head of Colour at Charles Worthington Salons.

There are so many different fringe styles to suit your face shape or style, so speak with your stylist to find the best look for you. 

Blunt Bobs 

The period of growth during endless lockdowns has come to an end, apparently, with more and more of us seeking out a good chop. ‘After the most recent lockdown, customers have needed a healthy chop,’ says Camilla, Assistant Manager & Stylist at Blue Tit Dalston. She says the bob is so in-demand ‘because it is easy to maintain, practical and can be worn sleek or wavy depending on the occasion.’

After months of wispy ends, this season’s bob is all about choppiness, too. Katie Hale (at Charles Worthington) explains that she’s receiving requests for super blunt cuts with clean, sharp edges. 

Bold statement colours

Another way to change things up is to get back to a professional colourist and try something new. We’ve all learnt that life’s too short to play it safe, so the bolder, the better!

‘Clients are no longer interested in soft coloured hair,’ says Celebrity hairstylist and SheaMoisture UK ambassador Jason Collier. ‘Statement colour will be the biggest trend of 2021,’ he continues, before adding that ‘bold statement blondes (like Billie Eilish) are making a comeback.’

The team at Bleach London are also seeing things go even bolder at their salons, where bright colours are the norm. But it’s no longer pastels or pinks that clients are asking for. ‘The latest colour trend at Bleach London is copper shades. Bleach’s orange semi-permanent Super Cool Colours are bestsellers, and ginger looks have been highly requested in salons since reopening.’

Warm brunettes 

While blondes are going blonder, brunettes are warming things up, according to Katie Hale at Charles Worthington. And it’s no longer about multiple colours; block hues are making a comeback. 

‘Brunettes who were once balayaged with cool caramels are either global colouring their locks using a rich semi gloss with reflects of mahogany or chocolate, or keeping with their balayaged ends but warming it up with golden coppers or burnt toffee.’ 

70s styles

Worried about cutting in a fringe? Why not make it a ‘70s-style fringe, which is usually more forgiving and easier to brush to the side. 

’70’s styling and fringes is HOT at the minute,’ says Chelsey McQueen, a stylist at Blue Tit Clapton. 

This is corroborated by Anita Rice, co-founder at Buller & Rice, who has seen an increasing number of clients asking for 70s bangs as well as cuts: ‘We are seeing loads of people opt for curly fringe styles, think 70s shag vibes. Many are now embracing a natural movement, and have laid-off heated tools in lockdown, instead starting to enjoy their natural waves.’

Camilla, Assistant Manager & Stylist at Blue Tit Dalston, adds: ‘70s iconic styles and softer shapes are coming through from Instagram. The styles and shapes are fun and adaptable. Natural, sexy, shaggy texture and classic colouring techniques reversed are everywhere this year.’

Jonathan Eagland, creative stylist at John Frieda, added that ’70s layering is a great way of changing hairstyles without losing precious length. Heavy 70s fringes with a centre parting a la ‘Farah Fawcett’ have been popular too and layering around the face reinforces that 70s style.’

Natural greys

Those with greys have apparently learnt to embrace their roots and go grey gracefully, thanks to the lockdown, according to both Josh Wood, expert colourist and founder of Josh Wood Colour, and Lee Radley, Artistic Director and Senior Director at Nicky Clarke in Mayfair. 

‘Being at home has definitely allowed people to experiment a bit more. We are seeing big transformations to grey,’ says Wood, while Radley adds: ‘There has been an increasing trend for people to work with or enhance their grey hair – I’ve recently done something on a client who had a few patches of grey, to make it look even more grey all over, with big flashes of silver. People are also embracing their natural colour.’ 

Feature by Rebecca Fearn