These are the most popular dog breeds in the UK right now

It’s no surprise that there was a huge surge in demand for dogs in 2020, a year that saw many of us working from home and walking outdoors more (if not simply because of a lack of anything else to do, thanks COVID). And though we’ve looked at what dogs have been classed the ‘poshest’, we were also interested to discover what the most popular dog breeds in the UK currently are.


With over 250,000 dog registrations in 2020, up 7.8 per cent on 2019, the Kennel Club revealed that of those, the most popular breed was the Labrador Retriever with an increase of 13 per cent in registrations.

In at second was the French Bulldog which was actually the most popular breed in 2019 but has seen demand level off over the past year. Third place went to the Cocker Spaniel which has seen a surge in popularity over the last year.


Kiera Baxter, Marketing Exec and Adventurer, told Metro how: ‘It is interesting to see how the popularity of certain dog breeds can change over time, for example, the pedigree Bulldog and the Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund have both seen an increase in popularity since 2011’.

The 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK:

1. Labrador Retriever

2. French Bulldog

3. Cocker Spaniel

4. Bulldog

5. Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

6. Springer Spaniel

7. Golden Retriever

8. German Shepherd

9. Pug

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

In terms of the dog breeds declining in popularity in the UK, Pugs have seen 5000 fewer registrations since 2017 but are still in the top 10, for now. Meanwhile, German Shepherds and English Springer Spaniels have both seen 30 per cent fewer Kennel Club registrations over the last 10 years.


Looking to home or even re-home a dog? Sure, take into account the most popular dogs in the UK but why not also have a think about giving a loving home to a less popular breed.