This is the most hated episode of Sex And The City ever

Fans of Sex And The City understandably went wild this week when it was announced a reboot is in the works. Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays lead Carrie, shared a short teaser to her Instagram page, which revealed the women (minus Kim Cattrall, it is reported) will be back in some form soon. So we got to thinking… which episode of Sex And The City from the original series was the least beloved?

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Well, a recent study has revealed just that, with rigorously analysing all six series of the show. Through studying each episode’s rating on IMDB, the website determined that Season 4, Episode 4 entitled ‘Defining Moments’ is the most hated episode ever, with an average IMDb rating of 7.1. 

Now unless you’re some kind of SATC super fan who’s memorised every episode, we don’t expect you to remember exactly what happened in this one, so here’s a refresher. ‘Defining Moments’ saw Carrie go on a ‘non-date’ with Big, only to find she is attracted to the Jazz musician on stage named Ray King. This perhaps shows audiences were not happy to see any form of interruption to Carrie and Big’s tumultuous relationship. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Miranda becomes disturbed by the lack of boundaries her date Doug shows when using the toilet with the door open. 

Interestingly, the study also revealed that season six was the most highly rated series on the show throughout its run, with series one rating the lowest overall. Pretty surprising considering how attached fans became to the show after its very first season. 

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This SATC study follows news that season four’s ‘The One With The Invitation’ was the least popular episode of Friends ever (according to This episode sees Ross trying to decide if he should invite Rachel to his wedding to Emily, and features plenty of flashbacks that look into their relationship. 

It seem that fans just aren’t into episodes which try to tear our favourite couples in apart and into different romantic directions!