This is the most common cause of arguments between couples who live together

Relationships are full of ups and downs and no matter how in love you are, there’s no escaping the occasional argument – especially if you live with your partner. In fact, new research has revealed that one topic in particular tends to be the main cause of rows, and even break ups, between couples who cohabit.

causes of arguments between couples
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A study, which was conducted by windows furnishing company, Thomas Sanderson, has revealed that issues over cleanliness is the number one cause of quarrels between British couples.

The research saw 2,423 Britons over the age of 18 participate in a poll. To gather the information needed, all the participants were asked to state how long they had lived with their partner for before the relationship broke down. The most common time period was found to be ‘six months to one year’ (39 per cent), followed by ‘less than six months’ (28 per cent) and ‘one to two years’ (22 per cent).

When asked what had caused them to argue, each participant wrote a list of the things that triggered a dispute with their partner and were then told to select the most relevant reasons. As a result, 22 per cent agreed that cleanliness issues were the reason, closely followed by arguing over home improvement projects or interior design, which was voted by 18 per cent as the top argument starter.

causes of arguments between couples
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The rest of the top five list was made up of other factors such as arguing over money problems (14 per cent), annoying habits (12 per cent) and cheating, which caused nine percent of rows.

The most common causes of arguments between couples

  • Cleanliness issues – 21 per cent
  • Arguing over a home improvement projects/interior design – 19 per cent
  • Money problems – 14 per cent
  • Annoying habits – 12 per cent
  • Discovered they were cheating – 9 per cent

Commenting on the results of the study Richard Petrie, Marketing Director of Thomas Sanderson, said: ‘Moving in with a partner is a massive step to take, and in some cases can be a make or break situation.

‘Things that you may not have noticed before can get under your skin, and stressful situations such as decorating can become amplified; maybe consider calling someone in to do the job, to save your relationship!’