Women from Newcastle are the most body confident in the UK

A new nationwide survey has revealed the most body confident area in the UK – and it’s good news for women who live up north.

The research, which was conducted by hair removal brand Veet and took into account the opinions of 2,000 women across the country, showed that those in Newcastle felt the most comfortable with their bodies, with more than 60 per cent of Geordie ladies saying they were ‘happy and confident in the way they look and feel’.

most body confident city uk
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In the poll, beach town Brighton came as a close second, followed by Sheffield, Cambridge and Oxford. Interestingly, capital city London did not even make the top 10.

It seems that times are changing when it comes to the way perceive what we see in the mirror, as nearly three quarters of those quizzed by the company felt that today’s generation are more body confident than their mothers or grandmothers. A third of the group also said that they believed body confidence comes with age.

The 10 most body confident cities in the UK

    1. Newcastle (60 per cent)
    2. Brighton (57 per cent)
    3. Sheffield (56 per cent)
    4. Cambridge (55 per cent)
    5. Oxford (55 per cent)
    6. Norwich (54 per cent)
    7. Leeds (54 per cent)
    8. Leicester (53 per cent)
    9. Cardiff (51 per cent)
    10. Birmingham (47 per cent)
most body confident city uk
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Despite the overall message of positivity, many admitted to still having certain hang-ups about their body, with only a quarter saying that they would happily saunter along a beach without a sarong, and less that half saying that they would get intimate with their partner with the lights on.

However, other halves can boost body confidence too – 66 per cent of the overall pool agreed with the statement ‘you are more likely to love your body if your partner constantly tells you how gorgeous you are’.

As for the most crucial takeaway from the study? More than half (54 per cent) concluded that ultimately, being happy was the most important thing to them, and 81 per cent said you don’t have to look perfect to feel sexy. Hear hear!