This is the ‘most awkward’ TV show to watch with your family and it’s not Bridgerton

No matter what age you are, sitting down to watch television with your parents will always be a bit of a minefield. Finding something that you both enjoy and ‘get’ can sometimes seem difficult, and that’s before you acknowledge the series that are NSFP (that’s ‘not safe for parents’). Luckily for us, one study has revealed which television shows should be avoided at all costs when you’re in the presence of family.

Shutterstock asked 3,255 TV fans to choose the shows they found most awkward tv shows to watch with family, and surprisingly, 2021 TV hit Bridgerton was not in first place. Although it scored highly, the Netflix favourite was actually beaten to the top spot by another recent TV phenomenon, which features just as many ‘awkward’ scenes, if not more. 

2020’s Normal People was voted the worst TV show to watch with family, with a record 83%. This was closely followed by Bridgerton, with 81%, and Orange Is The New Black with 78%. Also on the list were the likes of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Sex And The City, and Game Of Thrones. 

The full list of most awkward tv shows to watch with family — complete with percentages — is as follows: 

  1. Normal People: 83%
  2. Bridgerton: 81%
  3. Orange is the New Black: 78%
  4. Sex Education: 75%
  5. Game of Thrones: 73%
  6. Big Mouth: 72%
  7. The Inbetweeners: 70%
  8. Pose: 69%
  9. It’s a Sin: 67%
  10. Skins: 67%
  11. Euphoria: 66%
  12. Secret Diary of a Call Girl: 64%
  13. You: 62%
  14. American Horror Story: 61%
  15. Fleabag: 60%
  16. Girlfriends: 58%
  17. Insatiable: 56%
  18. Outlander: 53%
  19. Sex and the City: 51%
  20. The End of the F***ing World: 50%
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It’s easy to see why Normal People and Bridgerton scored highest on the list. While the authentic nature of the sex scenes in the former were praised by fans, and the addictive nature of the latter (particularly in episode 6) drove fans wild, both are arguably best watched alone to save from embarrassment. 

At least this list will relieve us from any future awkwardness!