Morrisons is now selling takeaway picnics for your next socially distanced meet-up

For all your socially-distanced picnic plans, Morrisons is here to make everything a whole lot easier.

As lockdown rules have eased over the last few weeks, one of the few things we have been allowed to do is have picnics in the park with up to six people from other households. Rejoice! But putting together the ultimate picnic can take a lot of planning and preparation, making the whole thing suddenly become an exhausting chore rather than a fun day lazing in the park with friends.

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So thankfully, Morrisons has launched ready made takeaway picnic platters, thus taking all the hard work out of picnicking and leaving you to enjoy your al fresco lunch.

There are two options, one for adults and one for kids. On the savoury side of The Adult Picnic Platter for Two, you’ve got ham and tuna & sweetcorn sandwiches, mini pork pies, quiche Lorraine and a fresh salad, while the sweet offering includes hand prepared jam and cream scones, cherry bakewells and a sharing pot of strawberries. Sounds delicious and it’s only £10.

Morrisons adult picnic platter

Morrisons Adult Picnic Platter for Two, £10, Morrisons

Kids needn’t feel left out as they’ve got their very own special picnic platter, too. Also for two, it costs just £6 and contains hand prepared ham and cheese spread sandwiches, Babybel cheese, mini pork rolls, carrot and cucumber batons, satsumas, adorable gingerbread men and cute butterfly buns. Everything you need for perfect picky eating.

Morrisons kids picnic platter

Morrisons Kids Picnic Platter for Two, £6, Morrisons

The platters are available for collection only, so just head to the website to find your closest collection store and get planning your ultimate day at the park. Food is just one part of throwing a picnic, however, so if you’re stuck for rugs, plates, cutlery and glasses, check out our edit of the best picnic essentials.