Morrisons is selling flour from its in-store bakeries

In a bid to tackle the shortage of flour on the supermarket shelves (there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say pre-lockdown), Morrisons has come up with a genius way to provide its customers with the baking essentials they’re so desperately searching for.

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With lockdown making a baker out of all of us (even the most whisk-averse have tried their hand at a banana bread or two by now), Morrisons has gone out of its way to make sure the nation needn’t go without flour anymore, by turning to its in-store bakery stocks.

While there isn’t a shortage of actual flour in the UK, reports suggest there is a shortage of small, consumer-sized bags of the stuff – what there is still plenty of, however, is the huge wholesale bags that supermarkets such as Morrisons buy in to make baked goods on site every day. Which is how the supermarket came to the idea of decanting its flour stocks from its larger bakery sacks into smaller ones they can sell to customers.

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Using the same bags it would normally use for sausage rolls and other deli products, Morrisons is selling 1kg bags of plain, self-raising, white and wholemeal bread flour for 60p – a bargain compared to the branded stuff (that you can’t find anyway).

For the serious bakers out there, you can also purchase 16 kilo bags for £9, plus 50g bags of yeast for just 20p – that certainly beats the hugely inflated prices of £10+ you can currently find on Amazon.

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Andy Clarke, bakery buying manager at Morrisons, said: ‘Listening to customers, we know baking is important right now to keep the family busy and entertain kids during the lockdown. It felt like a no brainer to give customers the ingredients they need to bake at home during this very difficult time.’

And it seems the news has been well received by happy shoppers everywhere, with one mum tweeting: ‘I went to the shops today and got flour and eggs. I felt like I’d won the lottery. Thanks to the @Morrisons staff for decanting flour from their sacks into paper bags. It’s the little things that cheer you up.’

Let’s hope other supermarkets follow suit very soon. In the meantime, race you to Morrisons?