A Dulux colour expert shares their mood-boosting colour tips for the home

When redecorating your home, choosing the best colour to put on your walls feels like a major decision. Whether you’re a neutrals-loving minimalist or are passionate for all things bright and bold, the huge range of hues and tones you can choose from can feel overwhelming.

Dulux heritage paints

There are many factors to consider too, including the size of a room, what kind of light it gets, how you use it and what personal possessions and furniture you already have in there. All that and, of course, you want your home to reflect your personality, too.

That’s where a colour expert comes in handy; they understand all these factors in granular detail and know instantly what will and won’t work in a room. Marianne Shillingford is the creative director at Dulux, so she knows her stuff when it comes to paint and colour. I sat down with her to find out her mood-boosting colour tips for the home, and I was surprised at what she told me…

Paint colour tips from an expert

Marianne Shillingford
Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux

‘When it comes to finding inspiration for a room that just doesn’t look that great or make you happy, most of us hit Instagram’ Marianne told me. ‘The trouble is that while scrolling through hundreds of picture perfect rooms you may find some that tick a few of boxes, you probably won’t find ‘the one’.’

‘It’s because inspiration for the perfect look is actually probably right under your nose… or your feet or your bottom. It’s the little things around you that you love that actually hold the key for your perfect scheme, like a rug, cushion or bit of artwork that always makes you happy to see and touch them. Home is a sensory experience and we need to delight the senses to be happy in it.’

Dulux heritage paints

‘The colours you find in these precious personal things reflect something about you as an individual and speak far more of what home really is to you than a million beautifully styled influencer’s pics.’

Marianne’s mood-boosting colour tips for the home

  1. Head to the wardrobe and pull out your favourite outfits – the ones that make you feel great when you wear them and use one or two shades from the most colourful as a foundation to build a colour scheme (take a colour chart with you so you can match them up in paint shades).
  2. Choose colours that have a story to tell. Dulux Heritage colours have all been inspired by the most precious things people have been surrounding themselves with for generations.  They each have a back story of their own – like visual tasting notes to help you make a choice about the way a colour makes you feel as much as the way it looks.

    Dulux heritage paints
  3. Apply a little experiential psychology. Think about what the colours you choose evoke for you, for example, that rich rust red and ochre cushion you bought in TKMaxx because it reminds you of that holiday in Morocco where you had the best time of your life. Use colours like Red Sand and Masters Gold to recreate the feeling on your walls.
  4. Zone your room to create little pockets of interest and joy where you may do different things like eat, study or relax. You can use blocks of colour on your walls to define these in creative ways – and don’t forget the ceiling. Lying on the sofa and looking at a slab of white is a buzz kill so add a bit of gentle sky colour like Clear Skies. The room suddenly appears bigger and fresher (you can almost hear birds singing) and you feel happier and less hemmed in.
  5. The way things feel is as important as they look. No one like a rough surface under their fingertips or toes so choose colours that have a visual softness in a paint that feels like velvet. Colours like Dulux Heritage Angora Blanket and Romney Wool are the most versatile tactile shades that form the basis for my decorating scheme. They are the ideal background to bolder accents and can be used as connecting colours for each room, plus they are formulated in a durable paint that is deliciously silky smooth to touch.

The Dulux Heritage range is an evocative collection of 112 colours, marrying classics from the past with the stylish hues of today. Expertly formulated with the finest ingredients to give an easy-to-apply perfectly smooth finish that has a sumptuous, velvety-to-the-touch feel.