Meghan and Kate’s favourite affordable jewellery brand is releasing an advent calendar

Despite the fact that their signature styles have differed over the years, there are certainly things that Kate and Meghan appear to agree on when it comes to building a great wardrobe. And top of that list is a mutual love of Missoma, the demi-fine jewellery brand with both duchesses’ seal of approval.

Missoma sale
Meghan with the £45 Gold Interstellar Ring on her finger in 2018. Image: Getty Images

Over the years, a number of Missoma staples have appeared in the royal collection – from the rhodochrosite drop earrings Kate was spotted wearing in London last month to the stacking rings Meghan’s had in her collection since 2018.

Kate Middleton Missoma earrings
Kate wearing Missoma’s Gold Zenyu Chandelier Hoops in Pakistan in October last year. Image: Getty Images

So, as Christmas approaches, we’d imagine that a ripple of excitement would run through the Cambridge and Sussex households upon the discovery that there’s a Missoma advent calendar in the works, and it’s the most glamorous way to work your way through December that we’ve seen so far.

missoma advent calendar 2020

Housed in a colourful limited edition keepsake box designed by illustrator Vicki Murdoch, the calendar offers a 12-jewellery experience with all of the hoops, huggies, studs and pendants that Missoma is known and loved for.

But how much does it cost, and exactly which precious pieces are tucked away inside?

What’s inside the Missoma advent calendar 2020?

If you want to avoid spoilers, look away now – but if you just can’t resist, here’s the full breakdown of what’s inside the Missoma advent calendar this year:


missoma advent calendar 2020

Missoma Advent Calendar 2020, £395, Missoma

While you may wince initially at the £395 price tag, Missoma does estimate the value of the good inside to be £850, so if you do have the cash to splash, you are certainly getting your money’s worth. Plus, unlike your chocolate or other edible advent calendars, the gifts you’ll receive will last a lifetime.

The Missoma advent calendar 2020 officially arrives at on 21st October – considering the reaction to last year’s edition, we suspect that this one will sell out fast, so set an reminder if you want to secure your place at the front of the queue.