Coco & Eve’s sell-out ‘miracle’ hair oil with a waitlist of thousands is finally back in stock

It’s fair to say our hair has seen better days since the start of lockdown. Without regular trips to the hairdresser, we’ve been desperately trying to restore moisture, shine and solve our hair woes with the latest ‘miracle-working’ products.

That’s why shoppers will be pleased to see the return of an actual miracle product – Coco & Eve’s much-loved Miracle Hair Elixir, which sold out only a month after its launch date last October.

Thanks to its impressive list of 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, this genius hair oil hydrates brittle hair and promises to ‘restore virgin softness, shine and gloss with a lightweight, non-greasy finish.’

It seems like this is an ideal product for damaged and dull hair, especially if you’ve been bravely experimenting with dyes, curling tongs and straighteners during the pandemic. It’s just as well we weren’t allowed to see anyone…

Coco & Eve hair oil
Coco & Eve

The coconut oil-infused hair treatment is made up of a unique blend of hyaluronic acid and Balinese ‘super hydrators’ like mangosteen, papaya, prickly pear, and virgin coconut oil.

Basically, all the good stuff that’s going to help fight frizz and treat split-ends to leave you with ultra-glossy locks.

Unlike other hair oils that can sometimes be thick and leave hair feeling greasy, the Miracle Hair Elixir absorbs quickly and instantly gets to work to protect against up to 220 degrees Celsius, breakage, and UV damage. Serial straighteners rejoice!

Thankfully, you don’t need to block out two hours in your diary to achieve this mega hair transformation. All you have to do is coat freshly washed, clean hair with the oil before going to sleep. Squeeze a couple of drops onto your palms and run your hands from the roots to tips.

If your hair has seriously been lacking some TLC, Coco & Eve suggest wrapping it in its Microfibre Towel Wrap after coating your hair with oil, to achieve an even more intense effect.

The Miracle Hair Elixir can also be used for styling and finishing off your look, by simply using a couple of drops rubbed between your palms and applied on dry or damp hair from mid-length to tips, twisting or scrunching in whichever style you prefer.

Coming in at just under £30, this handy hair oil can be used whenever your hair needs a quick refresh. No wonder it’s considered a must-have by so many, with already thousands on the waiting list.

Shop Coco & Eve’s ultimate miracle hair kit:

Coco & Eve hair oil

Miracle Elixir Hair Oil, £30, Coco & Eve

hair mask

Like A Virgin Hair Masque, £32.90, Coco & Eve

Customers are also firm favourites of the Like a Virgin Hair Masque from Coco & Eve, which sold over 5,000 hair masks in just one week last year.

hair mask

Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap, £19.90, Coco & Eve

There are still six weeks to go before hairdressers are due to open up again, so why not show your hair some love while you count down?