Mint Maltesers buttons are coming to a supermarket near you

If you’re a fan of Maltesers, you’re probably already as obsessed with Maltesers Buttons as we are.

The chocolate discs, dotted with tiny, crunchy spheres of the classic Malteser malt, have been a favourite of consumers across the country since they launched in 2018. But now Mars have made them even better – well, if you like mint chocolate, that is.

Maltese buttons
Alamy Stock Photo

Yes, the company has just confirmed that Mint Maltesers Buttons are set to become a reality, with all of the trademark crunch of the original treat complimented by a new minty flavour.

There will be three different formats to get your hands on: a single bag for 66p, a treat bag, for £1.19, and a larger pouch, for £2.09. However, our extensive chocolate experience tells us that retailers often offer these kinds of share size packs on special offers for £1, so we’re hoping this might end up being the case here too.

Laura Boothroyd, Senior Brand Manager for Maltesers, said of the new creation: ‘We’re incredibly excited to be launching Mint Maltesers Buttons into the UK this year. Mint is increasingly popular and coupled with the UK’s existing love of Maltesers Buttons we’re sure this new product will be a hit with Maltesers fans across the country!’


mint Maltese's buttons

Mint Maltesers Buttons Treat Bag, £1.19, available from supermarkets nationwide

However, if you’re rushing to the supermarket at the mere thought of one of these minty morsels, hold your horses, as they’re not going to be on the shelves until 9 March.

In the meantime, there are plenty of Easter chocolates arriving in stores to fill the void, from Waitrose’s rather mind-blowing illusion Easter eggs, which will have you doing a serious double take, to the new Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs, a seasonal revamp of the traditional Christmas segments.

Easter may not be until 12 April, but in our books, it’s never too early.