Michelle Ogundehin’s quick and easy home updates for less than £50

Michelle Ogundehin is an author, editor, brand consultant and TV presenter who is largely renowned as an ‘authority and thought-leader on interiors, trends, wellbeing and style’ – although you probably recognise her as the head judge from BBC2’s Interior Design Masters. Having literally written the book on ‘how to harness the power of home for health and happiness’, Michelle knows a thing or two about creating a happy and harmonious space that will bring you joy.

Michelle ogundehin
Ben Anders

She also knows that a happy home doesn’t have to cost the earth, so we asked the interiors genius for her five top tips on how to easily and quickly transform a room for less than £50.

‘It’s easy to transform your home without spending a lot of money,’ Michelle told us. ‘Besides, conscious consumerism is the way ahead. In other words, buying only what you really need or feel you could love for the long-term. And focus on the things you use, and see, every day. These are the things that transform.’

Quick, easy and affordable home updates from Michelle Ogundehin

Bring nature indoors

‘There was a time when house plants were deeply uncool, something only for the mad lady of yore and her cats. Today, much as our parks are considered the lungs of our cities, so house plants are now seen as veritable indoor air-cleaning Ninjas. A good starter plant is the Peace Lily: affordable and pretty indestructible.’

Dress the bed

‘The pleasure of a freshly dressed bed is one of the finer things in life and yet many stumble here, not sure what can go with what or whether it’s okay to mismatch pillows and duvet cover. The simple answer to this is that anything goes if you love it. And a new pair of crisp cotton patterned pillowslips will instantly transform your bedroom.’

Keep windows clear

‘Windows are the eyes of the home; do not allow them to be cluttered by heavy or unnecessary window treatments. Also: clean your windows! It’s easy to overlook this quickest of ways of admitting more daylight, aka living energy, into your home. A great cleaning solution can be made by combining 1-part white vinegar with 9 parts water and a single squirt of washing-up liquid. Use a piece of scrunched up newspaper to polish it off and your windows will look like new.’

Harness the energising power of colour

‘Add some va va voom to your sofa with a carefully chosen cushion or throw in a favourite shade. Or consider painting a ceiling! Imagine the uplift of sky-blue above your head in a bedroom or sunny yellow in the kitchen. Don’t underestimate the power of something so simple to give you a lift.’

Overhaul your hallway

‘What’s the first thing you see as you cross your threshold? It should be something that makes you smile. So, not piles of forgotten post, an irritating doormat that sticks under the door, or a tangle of shoes. Buy a boot rack, new hooks and hang a picture where you’ll see it straight away. The emotional boost you’ll get every time you come home will be priceless.’

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