Meghan Markle’s hairdresser’s shampoo trick will change your washing regime for good

Remember Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding evening up-do?

The sleek chignon with loose waves framing her face – which seems to have become something of a signature style for the Duchess of Sussex since her marriage – was created by renowned hairdresser George Northwood, and left us in awe of both its beauty and its simplicity.

After seeing that look, we’d trust George with our strands in a heartbeat – but even if you can’t manage to book a slot in his exclusive London salon, you can follow his advice, even when it comes to something as fundamental as washing your hair.

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Speaking to VogueGeorge revealed that many of us are not getting the most out of our shampoo when we’re  – but there’s a very simple, effective way to rectify the problem.

‘Most people don’t actually get their hair truly clean when they wash it, so it ends up covered in a sort of film which leads to dullness and lack of shine over time,’ he explained to the title.

‘By shampooing twice you have a first wash, to remove excess dirt and grime, and then a second wash to really get it squeaky clean.’

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Okay, so it’s not rocket science, but it’s a step many of us miss in the midst of our busy morning routines. And for those worried about the amount of product they’ll need for the double wash, especially if your go-to shampoo is at the pricier end of the spectrum, George added that you can actually scale back with this method, and if anything, might end up using even less.

‘If you’re washing your hair twice you don’t need much shampoo at all – maybe a two-pence-sized blob for each time,’ he continued.

‘The first wash probably won’t create much lather as its just cleansing away all of that grime and build-up. It can actually be quite half-hearted – just squirt the product into your hands, rub them together and run through the hair. I call it external cleansing. Then the second shampoo is your opportunity to really get it right into the roots and create a proper lather.’

So there you have it – a small, effective change that won’t cost you a penny, just a few extra minutes in the shower. And if it’s good enough for Meghan…