A Meghan Markle-inspired pregnancy dish has been launched for Mother’s Day

Spring has officially sprung and that means that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ highly anticipated baby is due any minute now. So to celebrate the final few weeks of Meghan Markle and her bump, a OpenTable is offering a unique dining experience for pregnant women this Mother’s Day.

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After conducting a study which found that 7-in-10 (65%) mums admit to experiencing extreme food cravings during pregnancy, the online restaurant service has partnered with East London diner Jim’s Cafe to launch the first ever menu dedicated to popular pregnancy cravings, including a special dish inspired by the one and only Meghan Markle.

Dubbed ‘The Full Meghan’, the quirky dish is a combination of French fries, pasteurised cheese and chocolate sauce on a single plate. A rather unusual mix of flavours, we know. But the special dish has been designed to mimic the reported real food cravings the Duchess has been having during her pregnancy.

The menu is being launched right on time for Mother’s Day this weekend and has been created using the UK’s top ten pregnancy cravings – all of which were selected following a widespread research project by OpenTable.

Open Table

See the full list below: 

• Salty food (18%)
• Chocolate (18%)
• Sweet foods (16%)
• Cheese (15%)
• Crisps (14%)
• Ice cream (13%)
• Pickles/Gherkins (13%)
• Citrus fruits (11%)
• Spicy food (10%)
• Chips (9%)

This means Meghan’s fellow mums-to-be can indulge in the food they most desire – no matter how odd or unusual a mix it may be. In fact, the menu includes a build-your-own-sandwich option where customers can choose from their own specially selected toppings  such as peanut butter, cheese, pickled onions, anchovies, beetroot, banana, and even charcoal shavings if that’s what they fancy.

The exclusive menu will be available all day on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March, in honour of Mother’s Day, so why not treat the almost-mum in your life?