Meghan Markle’s facialist approves of DIY face masks with these ingredients

Meghan Markle has brilliant skin: this is a fact that cannot be disputed. And while she undoubtedly has access to some of the very best skincare in the ‘biz, it’s refreshing to hear that her facialist actually recommends affordable at-home ingredients to make DIY face masks.

Nichola Joss, who is thought to have prepped the Duchess of Sussex’s skin for her wedding, spoke to Refinery29 to reveal her thoughts on DIY beauty.

‘At-home face masks are amazing, and I fully endorse them,’ she told the online publication. ‘They’re easy, free, and you have full control of the ingredients you’re putting on your skin, which is why most of my clients love them.’

Joss – who also created Meghan’s go-to procedure, the inner facial – proceeded to reveal which easy-to-obtain ingredients are best for using in a face mask. She selected the following five:

Coconut Oil

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‘It mixes well with other ingredients to create a soothing, paste-like consistency,’ explains the facialist. Coconut oil is used by many to remove makeup while cleansing and nourishing, so is already a long-standing skin favourite.



Honey is an amazing ingredient for soothing and nourishing dry or flaking skin. It can be mixed with a variety of ingredients and makes a really great base.



‘Turmeric is an amazing ingredient with a lot of skin benefits; it’s calming and helps relieve inflammation and congestion,’ Joss explained. ‘Turmeric mixed with coconut oil is a simple recipe that works to both brighten and hydrate the skin.’

Egg whites


That’s right, egg whites aren’t only good for your whiskey sours, as Joss explains that they can really help to brighten the skin. This makes it ideal for anyone with dullness or pigmentation. Try one of these brilliant recipes from blog Hello Glow.

Rolled oats


This may sound like a strange pick, but Joss recommends rolled oats for their natural exfoliating properties. They are great when mixed with honey (just be tempted not to lick any off for breakfast!).

Well, if it’s good enough for Meghan…!