The blue dress Meghan Markle wore on The Late Late Show is just £22

Last week, Prince Harry appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and during the course of the show, the Duchess of Sussex made an appearance on a Facetime call with her husband and Corden.

Naturally, everyone was very excited to see Meghan after the couple’s recent announcement that she is expecting their second child. Although we couldn’t see much more than her shoulders during the call, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the beautiful blue dress that she was wearing off the shoulder.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Now, unlike the £3,300 Armani gown and £5,000 Cartier bracelet that she’s seen sporting during the couple’s soon-to-be-released interview with none other than Oprah, the blue dress she is wearing for her short and sweet Facetime call on The Late Late Show costs just £22. A steal!

The LA-based brand Velvet Torch confirmed in an Instagram post that the dress Meghan is wearing is their Puff Sleeve Smocked Dress which retails at just $30 or £22.

Posting on Instagram, Velvet Torch said: ‘So this happened today!!’

Of course, as with most things that Meghan or the Duchess of Cambridge wear, the dress quickly sold out as soon as fans of the former cottoned on – otherwise known as #themeghaneffect.

The brand has confirmed that they will be restocking the Puff Sleeve Smocked Dress and for now, you can pre-order it online and you’ll be first to receive it when it’s back in stock. As Velvet Torch is based in the US, however, international shipping may set you back a few more pounds.

Velvet Torch

Puff Sleeve Smock Dress, $30, Velvet Torch 

Regardless of the additional shipping costs, however, this is certainly one of Meghan’s more affordable outfits and an easy way to get her look for less this summer.