Meet Tangle, the new ‘anti-dating app’ dating app for serious singletons

Earlier this autumn, we saw the launch of the first ever dating app for over 50s. But now, there’s a new dating app on the market for the singletons who are really serious about finding love – only this one encourages offline dating.

Tangle is a new app based social club for singletons who are after sophisticated and mature dating experiences as opposed to the usual superficial exchanges typically witnessed on dating apps. Founded by friends and business partners Eva Dixon and Svetlana Chebysheva, the platform works in a unique way, separating it from its competitors.

Unlike other dating apps, Tangle rejects the idea of an online romance and doesn’t even allow users to have conversations with their matches on the app. Instead, users are given the opportunity to choose from a series of varied, intimate events that take the pressure off meeting someone one-on-one, providing a more organic environment for like-minded people to meet.

Rather than spending weeks talking to a potential love interest behind the comfort a phone screen, Tangle users are given the chance to meet their matches and discover whether there really is an instant connection in real life.

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Tangle users will have access to engaging, stimulating and culturally relevant events with a vetted community of interesting and interested individuals,’ the official statement for the app reads.

‘Users profiles detail interests, events they have attended in the past as well as events they are interested in or are attending. Potential love interests can decide to either attend events solo, in the knowledge that someone who had taken their fancy will be there or choose to gift a ticket to someone they come across who they believe may have similar interests.’

According to its founders, the app particularly targets single men and women between the ages of 25-50+ who are willing to move out of their comfort zone to find love. While Tangle is currently free to download on smartphones, users are required to purchase tickets to all events they wish to attend, with prices varying depending on the event.