How to maximise your annual leave in 2023

We might still only be halfway through 2022, but we’re already daydreaming about how we’re going to spend our annual leave in 2023. And who can blame us? With flights cancelled left, right and centre and an epic lost luggage crisis still ongoing at London airports, many of us are waving goodbye (whether forced or voluntarily) to the hope of foreign travel in 2022.

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So, with all hope that things will be different (read: better organised) in 2023, we’re thinking about how best to spend our precious annual leave days off work to make the absolute most of them. In total, these nifty scheduling hacks will get you a grand 47 days off by using just 19 days annual leave.

How to make the most of your annual leave in 2023


In April, there’s the chance to bag yourself a lusciously long 10-day break by strategically booking just a few days of annual leave. It takes advantage of the Easter bank holiday weekend, meaning you’ll be AFK (away from keyboard) from Friday 31 March – Sunday 9 April.

Days to book off:
Monday 3 April
Tuesday 4 April
Wednesday 5 April
Thursday 6 April

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May – June

At the start of summer, by taking advantage of the two May bank holidays, there’s not just one but two opportunities to enjoy nine consecutive days away from those wretched emails and Zoom calls by booking just four days of annual leave each time. The first one sees your holiday time start from Saturday 29 April until Sunday 7 May; the second starts Saturday 27 May and ends Sunday 4 June.

Days to book off:
Tuesday 2 May
Wednesday 3 May
Thursday 4 May
Friday 5 May

Tuesday 30 May
Wednesday 31 May
Thursday 1 June
Friday 2 June

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August – September

Later on in the summer, take advantage of the August bank holiday and bank yourself another nine days of annual leave, from Saturday 26 August to Sunday 3 September, by booking just four days off from work. Your colleagues might be jealous but you won’t care as soon as you put that automatic OOO reply on.

Days to book off:
Tuesday 29 August
Wednesday 30 August
Thursday 31 August
Friday 1 September


Finally, at the end of the year you can make the most of the festive period by enjoying a truly relaxing 10-day break by requesting just three annual leave days. You’ll be guzzling mulled wine and mince pies from 23 December to 2 January without a work email in sight.

Days to book off:
Wednesday 27 December
Thursday 28 December
Friday 29 December