Interiors editor Sally Cullen reveals how the maximalism trend has been given a makeover this summer

There’s a more subtle, less-is-more approach to the maximalist trend this summer. Interiors editor Sally Cullen reveals how dialling back the look creates a bigger impact

When layering mismatched floral wallpaper and textiles stick to similar tones to pull the look together. Pure net wallpaper, £67 for 10m roll, velvet throw in honesuckel and tulip fabric, £121 per metre, both

If you thought maximalist interiors were all about busy, clashing patterns and bright colours then you’d have been right – until very recently that is. This season, the dial has been turned right down to reveal (from behind the heavily draped velvet curtains) a new, subtler and, dare we say, more liveable take on the trend.

For serious grandeur, this season look to hot spicy velvets, regal wallpapers and statement furniture. Royal jardiniere wallpaper, £165 for 10m roll, For similar chairs, try

Traditionally, maximalist’s more-is-more approach used bold prints and patterns on wallpaper and fabric, often combining contrasting colours, textures and styles. Needless to say, unless the whole look was carefully balanced it could be accused of looking kitsch or, worse still, tacky.

Use patterned wallpaper sparingly. Vintage chinoiserie wallpaper, from £25 for 10m roll, Sofa, £1,339, and chair, £999, Paloma Home,

By retreating from going totally over the top, this new spin on the maximalist trend leaves something just as opulent, but cooly chic, too. Jewel-tone palettes and chinoiserie motifs are paired with simple, elegant furnishings. Colours are in harmony, not in competition and although pattern is still unashamedly bold, it is used sparingly and can be enjoyed all the more for it.

Create a focal point. With a showstopping piece of furniture in a standout print. Sofa covered in copes trail fabric, £129 per metre,

If this new spin on maximalism appeals to you, but you’re still feeling a little intimidated, start off subtly by introducing a few bold accessories into your scheme, say a couple of cushions in a daring print or give pride of place to a richly ornate keepsake. Build up layers of colour and pattern in one or two common tones and play with wallpaper – perhaps framing a piece on your wall first before committing to papering it all.

Rip up the rules and mix animal print and monochrome with vintage rugs. Loveseat (with cushion), £1,199, Monochrome cushion, £30, and the tree of life cushion, £27,

However you choose to add some max factor, you can’t go far wrong creating a home where you are surrounded by the things you love, and if that means doing that from the comfort of a leopard-print armchair then you really are a maximalist at heart!

A symmetrical layout will make the look feel balanced rather than fussy. Paradise row curtain fabrics, £99 per metre, paradise row wallpaper, £115 per metre, sofas covered in kanoko fabric, £88 per metre, all