People are donating old mascara wands to help save animals

Most of us throw our old mascara wands away as soon as we run empty as they’re no longer of use to us. But what if we told you they could be the key to helping lots of tiny animals around the world?

Well, hundreds of people have been donating their mascara wands to wildlife refuges as they have been proven to be an excellent way to help groom small animals in need.

mascara wands for wildlife
Getty Images

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina, which is dedicated to taking care of injured and orphaned animals, have launched an initiative named ‘Wands For Wildlife.’ The idea came about when workers realised that the plastic beauty tools are great for cleansing and grooming small animals.

The brushes, which would otherwise go to waste, can be used to free animals from flees, nits and other bugs clinging onto fur. In fact, the refuge has found that the wands work well when cleaning even animals with sensitive fur and our furry little friends love it too, judging by their adorable reactions.

The wildlife refuge workers use the wands to do everything from removing fly eggs and larva from feathers and fur of wild animals and grooming an area on an animal to remove dust, dirt, sand and sawdust, to assisting the wildlife refuge workers in examining for injuries and finally, cleaning the syringes used for feeding animals. Clever, right?

Speaking to Country Living UK, Kimberly Brewster, co-founder at Appalachian Wildlife Refuge said: ‘The Wands for Wildlife program has taken off beyond our wildest dreams! Because of the incredible response, we are now packaging the wands and sharing with other wildlife rehabilitators and facilities – helping even more animals.

‘The response to a simple request for mascara wands has been astounding. I honestly have trouble wearing mascara now – the outpouring of compassion brings tears to my eyes almost daily as I read messages, notes and comments from people all over the world who care about animals, the environment and just want to help.’

If you’d like to get involved, send your old cleaned and sterilised mascara wants to wands the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.