Mary Berry is on the hunt for novice cooks for her brand new TV show

Ah, how we’ve missed Mary Berry on our TV screens. Is there anything more wholesome than watching the baking legend do what she does best? In June, it was revealed she would be returning to TV for a brand new show called Love To Cook. Well, it seems Mary Berry has been a busy lady and has yet another new cooking show on the way, called Mary Berry’s Fantastic Feasts.

Mary Berry
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The new series will air in three parts and feature Mary coming to the rescue of cooking novices. In the show, she’ll teach them how to create an impressive and delicious feast for their loved ones.

If you think this sounds familiar, you’d be right. Mary hosted a similar show last year – Mary Berry Saves Christmas – in which she helped novice cooks do the same thing, but for a Christmas-themed feast.

‘I am very excited about this series,’ Mary said. ‘Teaching is in my DNA and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and encourage the novice cooks – and with my celebrity sidekicks by my side we will make it fun all the way!’

Mary will stand side-by-side with the inexperienced cooks, helping them with her expert knowledge and technique. What’s more, they’ll be joined by celebrity guests to lend an extra hand or two.

If this sounds like something you’d like to take part in, you have until 25 October to apply. Download the application form here.

Mary Berry

On the BBC application website, it reads: ‘Are you hopeless in the kitchen? Does your idea of cooking mean heating up a ready meal? Or perhaps you burn everything to a crisp at every attempt?

‘No matter if your cooking skills mean that your cupboards are filled with baked beans and ready-made foods, the takeaway menu is never out of reach, your food is often inedible, or you let your friends and family do all the cooking for you – we want to hear from you!’

The message continues: ‘We’re looking for engaging and charismatic teams of three (within the same family, circle of friends or colleagues) from the UK, who can’t cook and would like to SURPRISE their friends, family or colleagues with a celebratory feast for an upcoming special occasion.’

There’s no word yet when Mary Berry’s Fantastic Feasts will air, but we do know it will be showing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.