Spoons at the ready: Red velvet curd now exists, and it looks incredible

Known for its luxuriously dense texture, rich cocoa flavour and of course, its distinctive hue, red velvet cake may have originated in America – but it’s also managed to secure a place in the UK’s list of favourite desserts too.

The vibrant sponge – which usually comes smothered with a generous layer of cream cheese frosting – is a go-to recipe in households across the country. If you’re one of them, Marks & Spencer has just released a delicious new product that we think you’re going to be very interested in.

Getty Images

Introducing red velvet curd – a jar of spreadable red velvet that’s been introduced as part of the store’s Christmas range. Spotted by the Instagram account kevssnackreviews, the revolutionary jar has sent shoppers into a frenzy, with many rushing into stores to get their hands on the sweet treat.

‘Oh my GOD WHY WOULD YOU SHOW ME THIS?! I will hunt tomorrow! ?’ one exclaimed to a friend, while another posted: ‘I know we need this!!! I’m hoping my local will have it or I may cry real tears.’

‘What would you do with it other than grab a spoon!?’ another inquisitive commenter questioned – although other ideas in the thread included drizzling over pancakes, stirring into porridge and adding to pastries, so we doubt they’ll run out of inspiration any time soon.

The red velvet curd is priced at £2.50 for a 325g jar – a perfectly reasonable price for an instant cake fix in spoonable form, if you ask us.


Red velvet curd, £2.50, Marks & Spencer

And if red velvet doesn’t float your culinary boat?  There’s also a milk chocolate and orange spread and a Bucks Fizz marmalade (perfect for Christmas morning croissants) already on the shelves. Now, who else feels an M&S food hall visit coming on?