Marks & Spencer is selling Percy Pig muffins and they sound delicious

Percy Pigs are the nation’s snack staple. From train journeys to birthday parties, there’s never an occasion where we’re not happy to see the appearance of that little pink face – especially now the recipe is entirely vegetarian, meaning that more of us than ever can enjoy Percy’s charms.

But just when you thought our favourite pig couldn’t get any better, Marks & Spencer go and put him on a muffin, a move which has already sparked joy amongst countless Percy-loving customers.

The brand unveiled their new sweet treat, which sell from the bakery counter at £1 each, on Instagram, writing: ‘We’re not telling porky-pieces… get your trotters in store today and pick one up!’

Combining a pink cherry, grape and raspberry flavoured red sponge, a blob of sweet pink icing and of course, an all-important Percy Pig, the cakes are already a hit with shoppers, who took to social media to share their excitement about the launch.

Percy Pig muffins
Alamy Stock Photo

‘We need to try these 🐷🐖😍,’ one wrote to a friend, while a second agreed: ‘well well well, I know where I’m heading for my mid-week treat!!’

Meanwhile, a third who’d already managed to get their hands on one added: ‘Also, can confirm, they don’t only look good, they taste incredible! 😋🐷🐷’

In fact, in less than a day the post racked up more than 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments from those delighted to see the muffins joining the range in their local store.

We do have to share a word of warning for any vegetarians: although the candy is now gelatin-free, there are ingredients in the muffins which mean they’re not, according to comments from the brand alongside the picture.

However, the team says that it has passed feedback from anyone who’s been disappointed by this to their food team, so fingers crossed we’ll see a totally veggie Percy muffin on the shelves sometime soon.