M&S’s new range of £5 wines makes it easier than ever to pick your perfect bottle

Vino fiends rejoice, M&S have just launched a brand new range of budget-friendly wines, with prices starting at just £5.

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For anyone who hasn’t undertaken a wine tasting course (so that’s most of us, right?), the wine aisle can often feel like a bit of a minefield. With so many choices – colour, grape variety, country etc etc – and price points, picking the perfect bottle to kick back with on a Friday night can turn a fun activity into a bit of a daunting one.

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For those who aren’t sure of their Chardonnay from their Chenin or their Merlot from their Malbec, M&S’s new ‘This is…’ range of wines will suit you perfectly. Taking all the complicated investigative guesswork out of picking out a wine, each bottle in the range clearly and simply states what you can expect of the wine inside. For example, the Shiraz is labelled ‘This is… Rich & Spicy’ while the Chardonnay label tells you that ‘This is… Soft & Tropical’. Genius!

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Designed to provide customers with guidance on taste, styles and grape varieties, the 15 bottle collection can help anyone embark on their own wine journey. There are reds, whites and rosés all priced at a very reasonable £5, while the two sparkling options (a white and rosé) are a comfortable £6.

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The new M&S white wine offerings:

  • French White (crisp & fruity)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (vibrant & zesty)
  • Chenin Blanc (fresh & fruity)
  • Pinot Grigio (light & refreshing)
  • Chardonnay (soft & tropical)
  • Fruity White (ripe & juicy)

The new M&S red wine offerings:

  • Italian Red (fruity & intense)
  • Shiraz (rich & spicy)
  • Spanish Red (rich & smooth)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (intense & smooth)
  • Merlot (round & plummy)
  • Malbec (bold & velvety)

The final three bottles comprise of a Spanish Rosé (soft & fruity), Italian Sparkling (fizzy & fresh) and an Italian Sparkling Rosé (bubbly & fruity).

It’s never been easier to find your new favourite wine and sound like you know what you’re talking about at your next virtual Zoom dinner party.