M&S has brought back chilli cheese hot cross buns for barbecue season

Hot cross buns can be a divisive treat – some love their sweet, spicy taste while others reject them altogether. But even if you’re not into the traditional version, earlier this year Marks & Spencer has just unveiled a new twist on the classic that got even the most committed of hot cross bun haters on board.

The Chilli & Cheese hot cross bun, a delicious hybrid of the usual shape and texture of a hot cross bun with a surprising savoury taste went down an absolute treat with customers across the country this April. So much so, in fact, that M&S has had the genius idea to bring it back for summer for use as the ultimate burger bun.

M&S chilli cheese hot cross buns

The novel creation comes in a pack of four, with each bun packed with West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, caramelised and dried fried onions, dried red and green jalapeno and chipotle chillies, plus an extra dash of Worcester and hot pepper sauces for even more heat – an ideal accompaniment to any meat or veggie burger patty.

You can, of course, also serve them split and toasted with butter, as you’d probably do with the original, but these savoury hot cross buns also have a multitude of other uses, including the ability make your brunch options a whole lot more exciting.

Pile them high with fried or poached eggs, avocado, or bacon, or for the truly committed, pop them under the grill with extra slices of cheddar and a dollop of chutney on top for the most delicious cheese on ‘toast’ this side of summer.

Marks & Spencer chilli cheese hot cross buns

Kirsty Rowley, M&S Product Developer said of the new season reinvention of the buns: ‘This fiery burger and hot cross bun combo is something dreams are made of!  The super soft Chilli Cheese Hot Cross Buns are perfect for sandwiching our new succulent Hot Chilli Burgers.  For my ultimate burger I layer with crisp romaine lettuce, a few slices of tomato, a generous helping of Cornish Cruncher Cheddar and a dollop of mayo.  Absolutely delicious!’


Chilli & Cheese Hot Cross Buns, £2.50 for 4, Marks & Spencer

Customers on the M&S food Instagram are thrilled to see the return of the chilli cheese hot cross bun, with one writing: ‘Just take the cross of ’em n sell them all the year round as chilli cheese rolls they’re fab!!!’

‘These Hot Cross buns were my favourite, they’re so delicious ?,’ agreed another, while a third posted: ‘I need this in my life ??’.

With the weather set to be a scorcher for the foreseeable and the nation making the most of at-home dining more than ever, there’s never been a better excuse to wheel out the barbie…