Marks & Spencer’s best-selling Christmas foods have been revealed

One of the most significant things about Christmas (if not the most significant) is the food. That all important Christmas dinner. For many of us, retail giant Marks & Spencer is who we turn to for the top-quality festive goods. But what exactly are we buying for our slap up  Christmas meals this year?

Marks & Spencer has revealed its best-selling Christmas food and unsurprisingly, their very own turkey has topped the list as the most popular, with one in four Brits purchasing the meat in time for Christmas.

While they have more than one on offer, the British Boneless Oakham Turkey Breast with Pork with Sage and Onion Stuffing has quickly become the most sought after. The supermarket’s Top Side of Beef, however, came in at number two, with their Leg of Lamb following closely as the third bestselling food.

This year, Marks & Spencer have high hopes for the festive food sales as they predict there will be 10 million glasses of prosecco drunk, 140 million pieces of party food eaten, 720 tonnes of stuffing and 500,000 litres of ready-made gravy during the period – all of which their customers will turn to them for.

In the lead up to the big day, the retailer’s range of Christmas sandwiches have been flying off the shelves, with the Turkey Feast sandwich being the most popular choice. It’s so popular in fact that an estimated 1.2 million of us will eat one this morning. Their vegan sandwich, made with roasted soya and cranberry chutney, caramelised onion, spinach and sage dressing instead of Turkey, is another beloved choice among the British public.

Last but certainly not least, M&S has spotted that customers are abandoning traditional Christmas desserts in favour of exciting new ones such as their Chocolate Pine Cones filled with chocolate sauce, which has proven to be the most popular dessert this year. We wonder if they work with brandy butter?