Marks & Spencer has revealed its fastest selling dessert ever

Marks & Spencer is one of the first places we turn to when we want a great dessert, but don’t have the time (or inclination) to make our own.

From pyramids of profiteroles to zesty key lime pies, the options are endless and all equally delicious – but according to new sales figures from the store, the dessert we love most as a nation is actually a little more classic than you might expect.

M&S has confirmed that its new Best Ever Trifle, which retails for £5, has become its fastest selling dessert in history, with sales up an impressive 172 per cent.

Marks & Spencer dessert
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Made with Madagascan vanilla thick-set custard made with Channel Island milk, double cream, a light sponge and somewhat controversially, compote instead of jelly, it’s a grown-up upgrade on the tradition trifle recipes we all know and love.

It’s designed to serve six, making each portion just 83p – not bad when you consider what you’d spend on individual ingredients.

At the time of its launch, Dan Fletcher, M&S dessert developer said: ‘Everyone loves a trifle. It’s the ideal family dessert that’s loved by both kids and grown-ups and has never gone out of fashion.

‘It’s rarely shifted from being in our top three puds but we’re expecting even greater things now and are hoping to see it top the charts!’

Marks & Spencer best ever trifle
Marks & Spencer

Best Ever Trifle, £5.00, Marks & Spencer

Now Dan’s wish has come true – and the trifle isn’t the only member of the Best Ever family that’s been proving popular with customers in recent months.

Last November, we reported that a Best Ever Steak Pie had become M&S’ bestselling product ever, exceeding everybody’s expectations with 20,000 units flying off the shelves in just two days.

So, if you’re hosting people for dinner in the near future, how about pie for main and trifle for pudding?