M&S Romford have released a Christmas charity single

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any weirder, Marks & Spencer has announced that staff from its Romford store are releasing a Christmas song called ‘This Is Not Just A Christmas Song’.

In the video, which M&S posted on Instagram, the team can be seen dancing in the shop’s aisles wearing Percy Pig jumpers, and singing ‘This is not any Christmas song, this is an M&S Christmas song’ to a surprisingly catchy tune.

Fans of the brand were quick to praise the song on Instagram, describing the M&S Romford team as ‘absolute legends’ and calling for the single to go to Christmas number one.

Staff at the Romford store have become known for their performances on TikTok, recreating classic pop videos and sharing humorous snippets of shopfloor life.

The account first gained serious traction after a performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ went viral at Halloween. The M&S Romford account now has 55k followers on TikTok, which has extra impressive when you consider the official M&S account has less than 8,000.

The team then gained headlines with a viral video of ‘I Want It That Way’ by Backstreet Boys, a performance that was all the more enjoyable because the team were wearing high vis jackets and clearly dancing their hearts out in the car park round the back of the shop.

Going viral has certainly helped business, as store manager Lee Spencer told the Romford Recorder: ‘Customers have been coming into store, telling staff how much they are enjoying seeing the hardworking team having so much fun and showing off their dance moves.’

Now the team are turning that popularity into a chance to raise money for charity, as all profits from the single – available on iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify – will go to homeless charity Shelter, and Together For Short Lives.