M&S has announced the launch of a range of shoes designed by bloggers

Marks and Spencer has really been upping their fashion game lately, and the brand’s latest triumph comes in the form of a blogger-led shoe collection.

Featuring designs from seven bloggers and influencers, M&S is releasing the collection pair by pair at differing dates, from 29th January onwards. The seven social media stars taking part in the campaign are Erica Davies (The Edited), Natalie Lee (Style Me Sunday), Kat Farmer (Does My Bum Look 40 In This?), Danielle Vanier, Fran Bacon (The Fashion Lift), Zoë de Pass (Dress Like A Mum), and Emily Johnston (Fashion Foie Gras).

Most of the shoes are priced between £35-£40, and will be released over coming months from 29th January.

First out are Zoë de Pass’ bright and bold pom pom sliders, which will be out at the end of January, followed by Fran’s and Natalie’s in February, Danielle and Emily’s in March, and Erica and Kat’s in April.

In terms of the designs, the bloggers appear to have had free reign as shoes range from a pair of orange sliders to some nude platforms. We’re already eyeing up the beautiful black knotted pair by Kat Farmer, which pretty much make the perfect evening summer shoe. Another YOU favourite come from Danielle Vanier, who has designed a modern pair of black heels with a unique toggle design.

Take a look at the seven designs here:

Erica Davies (The Edited)

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OK SO THIS IS SOMETHING OF A PINCH-ME MOMENT! Please indulge me, because I am VERY excited to announce that I have designed a shoe – for Marks & Spencer!!! And they have my name in them!!! PINCH! ME! They are the culmination of months of work, from coming up with my initial design (I wanted glam, comfy, embellished flats with gold hardware that would work with everything from wide leg trousers to dresses and skirts – not much to ask!), going through the design process with M&S’s talented team, to today’s ACTUAL REAL LIFE REVEAL! They’re part of a blogger collection (also featuring the designs of @stylemesunday, @doesmybumlook40, @daniellevanier, @thefashion_lift, @dresslikeamum and @emilyjanejohnston) which I will show over on stories – but I bet you will be able to guess whose shoe belongs to who! Zoe’s launches first online on the 29th January and then there will be a new drop every two weeks. Mine will be available on Tuesday 9th April and will cost £39.50. The best way of describing how I feel about this is to imagine telling my grandma, Evangeline Davies. I lost her when I was twenty-six, so she knew that I had started working for a newspaper, but she would NEVER have been able to get her head around what I do now, on here! ‘You do what, love? Take photos of yourself?! What for?!’ But M&S was her FAVOURITE, so to be able to tell her about this project would have been wonderful! So grandma, this is for you. I have designed a pair of shoes for MARKS AND SPARKS! 🤗

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Natalie Lee (Style Me Sunday)

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The wait is over, I can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you all what I've been nervously excited about these last few months. I’ve designed my perfect pair of shoes with the help of the footwear design team at @marksandspencer and we’ve made my dreams come true. These beauties will be available to buy in about a month, and will cost £39.50 They are super comfortable and will go with almost every outfit. I really hope you love them as much as I do??? ❤️😬 Check out the other shoes in the collection from @daniellevanier @thefashion_lift @dresslikeamum @emilyjanejohnston @doesmybumlook40 and @erica_davies 👡👠🥿 #AD #thenatalie #platformshoes #beigeheels

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Kat Farmer (Does My Bum Look Big)

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Things I’ve learnt this week 1) it’s really hard to photograph shoes 2) it’s even harder to photograph feet and legs which are doughy, pasty, dry, flaky and in need of sun 🤣3) I’ve reached the age where I need to shave my toes otherwise I look like a hobbit 4) I still can’t quite believe that there are a pair of shoes that I have designed (with the help of the footwear design team @marksandspencer) that will actually be on sale from the end of April. That people will be able to order and buy 😱😱 (for £45) So what was the thinking behind my shoe? I have always wanted a one stop sandal for the summer with a mid heel that looked like a higher heel (elongated suede up the back of the heel 😘) that I could wear to meetings, for a wedding, to lunch, to the pub, the perfect shoe for holiday nights out. That would work with skirts and dresses, long or short and jeans (you can keep your shorts 😉) And trousers (outfit pic from last night coming shortly) And here we are! To be honest, not entirely sure I’ll believe it till I see them actually on sale but in the meantime, I’ve got my perfect summer shoes 🤣🤗🤗 #thefootwearcollective

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Danielle Vanier

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**Proud moment klaxon!** These are not just any heels. They are Danielle Vanier X @marksandspencer’s heels! [swipe right to see them in detail] Yep, you’ve just read that correctly… little old me has designed a pair of wide fit heels, from start to finish with the footwear dept and I couldn’t be more proud! I wanted to mix sports lux with a touch of glam and it was really important that they were available in wide fit and half sizes and that the toggle feature means that even my chunky ankle gals can rock these!!! My limited edition design will be AVAILABLE END OF MARCH and they even have my signature on the sole of the shoe/on a dust bag that they come in. I was very kindly given this opportunity along with some other lucky ladies, be sure to check out their designs as well! Thank you @marksandspencerfashionpr for making dreams come true!!!! You’re a brand I love and respect so much xxx @erica_davies @stylemesunday @doesmybumlook40 @thefashion_lift @dresslikeamum @emilyjanejohnston #ad

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Fran Bacon (The Fashion Lift)

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So unbelievably excited to let you know that I have designed a pair of my absolute dream shoes for @marksandspencer 💖💖 working with the fab Footwear Team (back in design/buying heaven) they are everything I love in a shoe, softest leather, ankle strap – just at the right height so it is super flattering on ankles) a square 1.5inch/4cm heel and they are so so comfortable I feel I am wearing slippers ☁️☁️☁️ they will be available in February 🙌🏻 I really really hope you like them 💖💖💖 Check out @daniellevanier @stylemesunday @erica_davies @doesmybumlook40 @dresslikeamum @fashionfoiegras for their fab designs too, all very different all reflect our styles 💗 now bring on the Spring ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #AD #TheFran #MyMarks #shoesdaytuesday

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Zoë de Pass (Dress Like A Mum)

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When last year I received an email from @marksandspencerfashionpr asking if i'd be interested in designing my own sandals called 'The Zoë' I couldn't believe it, it was a real pinch me moment WHAT A DREAM! 🤩 I got to work with the amazing @marksandspencer footwear team and basically create whatever I wanted. As you can see I didn't hold back and reckon these sliders are a pretty accurate reflection of me in a shoe.😝 Obviously today's weather isn't the ideal day for sandal wearing but the warmth will return and when it does these will be on my feet! 🦶 They are a limited edition and will be available in February. My friends @stylemesunday @erica_davies @doesmybumlook40 @daniellevanier @thefashion_lift and @emilyjanejohnston have also designed their own pairs so please head over to their feeds to have a look at what they have created. 💜 Like I said this was an absolute dream project, thank you @marksandspencer for the opportunity and I am so excited to hear what you think – now all we need is some sun! ☀️ #AD #marksandspencers #dresslikeamum #mumshoes

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Emily Johnston (Fashion Foie Gras)

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My signature…. that’s my signature on the bottom of that shoe, because…. I designed it. Hold on, I need to catch my breath here. And yes, that’s a watery eye you are spotting. I’m an emotional wreck. Last year @marksandspencer asked me to join a group of inspiring women to design a pair of shoes to be sold on their website this spring. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now, even though I’m holding them in my hands! I have always and forever had a shoe in my mind. God only knows why. But I walked into the design studio and it took me five minutes to put this shoe together with the team. This is my dream sandal. It has a midi heel, also croc covered, and two supportive straps for ultimate comfort! More to come on this, but for now I wanted you to be the first to see it in the flesh. Tonight, I’m attending a party to launch the shoes, so I’ll have a chance to show you the designs from the other beauties involved. For now, I’ll just say these aren’t out for a couple months… but they are priced at £35, so that, hopefully, any one that wants them can have them! M&S will also be carrying them up to a UK size 9 for me!!!! Ps. The other girls are posting their shoes now too… check them out… so many amazing styles! @daniellevanier @erica_davies @dresslikeamum @thefashion_lift @stylemesunday || Sponsored

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