The M&S swimwear trend everyone is investing in

Finding flattering swimwear on the high street is a tricky business. No matter your body shape, narrowing down a bikini or costume that fits in all of the right places is a mission that takes time and effort – and for many of us, a look to Instagram for inspiration.

However, if you’re still searching for the perfect suit for your summer holidays, we may have stumbled upon the answer. We’ve noticed a growing trend in our feeds for something rather fabulous – leopard print swimwear from good old M&S.

Following the huge success of their sell-out leopard print print dress, Marks and Spencer have expanded their leopard line into both a scoop neck bikini and a simple, chic swimsuit that more and more people are sporting in the sunshine.

And although for those of us used to a standard black cossie it might seem like an adventurous choice, the snaps we’ve seen are convincing us that it might be time to take a walk on the wild side.

Blogger Zoë de Pass, who writes under the name Dress Like a Mum, posted a pic of herself relaxing in the garden in hers, and convinced many of her followers to invest in the process. ‘I’ve just ordered that swimming costume, it looks fab on you!’ one commenter wrote, followed by another who added: ‘Gorg swimsuit!’

Others have opted for the non-wired bikini top and matching swim bottoms, which have added stretch for a comfortable fit. ‘If it’s wrong to love this amount of leopard print, I don’t want to be right,’ one happy customer said on their feed.

‘Feline’ as inspired as us? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that prices start from just £10 for the bikini bottoms, and go up to a (still very reasonable) £25 for the swimsuit.

Animal Print Non-Wired Swimsuit, £25, M&S

Non-wired scoop neck bikini top, £16, animal print swim bottoms, £10, M&S

So, whether you’re jetting off to an exotic location or just enjoying the amazing weather at home, you know where to head for a suit that suits. Happy sunbathing!