M&S has launched wine bottles you can colour in to help promote mindfulness

Colouring books may traditionally have been something we indulged as children, but in recent years, we’ve seen adult versions soar in popularity after being hailed for their ability to reduce stress and boost mindfulness.

Now, high street hero Marks & Spencer has taken adult relaxation to the next level by launching a new wine bottle with an illustrated label for colouring in.

That’s right, you can now enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while colouring the bottle you’ve poured it from – no book needed.

The British retailer teamed up with artist Daisy Fletcher, illustrator of adult colouring books, to create the stunning Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc bottle, designed with flowers, leaves and wildlife. And what’s more? They’re running a weekly competition for customers to win a magnum of Prosecco – all you have to do is share a photo of your completed label on social media using the hashtag #colourmewines.

In other words, you’ll get rewarded for relaxing!


‘The childhood joy of colouring in is combined with a slightly more adult pastime in our Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc, new in stores this week. This dry Chilean white comes with an illustrated label for you to customise however you like,’ Marks & Spencer wrote on its website.

‘It’s a fun take on the growing trend for adult colouring books that are said to relieve stress – you can let your mind wander and your creative juices flow, while enjoying a delicious glass of wine. Plus, when you share a snap of your finished creation using #ColourMeWines, there’s a chance to win a magnum of prosecco. Just be sure to stick to one glass if you want to make colouring inside the lines easier.’

The Colour Me Sauvignon Blanc is sold for just £8 a bottle at Marks & Spencer, so make sure you grab a bottle while you can.

Mindfulness has never seemed more appealing.