This bendy hairbrush has become a bestseller on Amazon

A good, solid hairbrush can be hard to come by, especially if you’ve got fine hair. However, women across the country have been praising a new bendable hairbrush for giving them ‘noticeably healthier and shinier’ locks.

The £25 product, known as The Manta hairbrush, is so popular that it has become a bestseller, with hundreds of happy customers leaving five-star ratings for it on Amazon. But what’s so special about it?


Well, the ‘flexible technology’ in the brush allows it to ‘glide responsively through your hair for minimum breakage and maximum shine,’ say the makers.

The brush has been designed to ‘mould to the shape of your hand and scalp’  which means it ‘creates less tension on each strand, while massaging the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.’ Pretty amazing, right?

The brush is said to be perfect for those struggling with hair loss, breakage, thinning or split ends as it is said to transform it into shiny, full hair. And it’s even anti-static too.

‘The Manta is definitely very different from any other hair brush I have used before. I have long fragile hair and don’t like brushing it too much. Since using the Manta I brush with confidence as I can see my hair is noticeably healthier and shinier,’ read one review.

Another wrote: ‘Absolutely love this brush. My daughter has very curly hair and I really struggle to brush it without her complaining its sore. The Mantra brush works extremely well in getting the knots out without hurting and pulling her hair. It also doesn’t seem to pull as much hair out when using it. I really like the handle and how flexible the brush is.’


The Manta Hairbrush, £25, Amazon

A third agreed: ‘Ordered this brush as I have always had very static hair and have never found a brush which reduces it. I can honestly say this brush is brilliant and for the first time ever static is not a problem!’

Even YOU’s beauty director Edwina Ings-Chambers has sung the praises of the Manta – in an article earlier this summer, she wrote: ‘The handle slides between the fingers to give good grip, and its flexibility and long teeth mean that it glides through the hair and detangles easily for minimum breakage, giving the scalp a gorgeous massage that makes me feel a bit like a cat in scratching heaven. I haven’t quite done the upward eye-roll into the head yet when using it, but I’m not far off…’

This isn’t the only brush that has caused a stir in the beauty world recently. Back in April, Tangle Teezer’s Fine & Fragile brush also went viral as it reportedly caused five times less breakage than a standard brush.